About Me

I'm so glad you stopped by!

I'm Sonia, a 24-year-old from Italy with an unhealthy obsession for tea and many hobbies ranging from hiking to bing-watching TV series to reading books while walking (it improves concentration, trust me). 

Watching movies is something I've always loved —it was horrors first, and plenty of romantic comedies later, not to mention all the brainless action flick that came in between. Writing too is something I've always loved so I decided to combine the two and write about films. And I decided to do it every single day because I've been told I get bored with things too fast and too easily and leave everything unfinished. Which is the truth, to be honest. 

A Film A Day was born so that I could share my opinions about movies as well as prove everyone, myself included, that I could make it, that I'm capable of committing. This was October 2014.


  1. You're film a day project is a good excerise for you. You found a trait you wanted to chance or prove to yourself it's not you, so you chose that project. I think you'll make it with style.

  2. Could I suggest some titles you won't find many reviews about?
    One Day In Europe
    Last Stop 174
    I Served The King of England
    Men In Hope
    The Return (2003 russian)
    Die Welle

    I wathched some surprisingly good movies lately (Like The Little Death, Young People Fucking, Tropa de Elite 1 & 2) but when you look for more you don't find many people talking about them.

  3. Write about Indian films also.

    1. Do you have any suggestion?

    2. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0405508/

  4. Sonia:

    Your site is nicely arranged and your film reviews are honest and helpful. Thanks much for setting out on the journey.

    I also bore easily. It's a blessing and a curse.

    Best of luck,


  5. No joke, we both have a lot of the same fave directors, actors and actresses! I'm obsessed with Michael Fassbender and especially when he partners with Steve McQueen.

    BTW, I love your food blog too!

    1. Thanks, Rachel! I also love when Fassbender and McQueen work together, it's like the best thing ever! And expect to see a very long piece on Michael Fassbender for his 40th birthday.

    2. Wait, are they doing another project together right now?

  6. Wow! Nice to know about you. Even, I too share same interests as you except that in our part of the world it's "Cricket" which is famous unlike soccer. I would love to read more and more reviews from you.

    With Love & Respect,
    Absar Ahmad
    Pune, India

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  8. Your dedication to this is impressive :)