Nosferatu (1922)

Original Title

Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des Grauens


Fantasy | Horror


F. W. Murnau




Max Schreck, Gustav von Wangenheim, Greta Schröder, Alexander Granach, Georg H. Schnell, Ruth Landshoff, John Gottowt, Gustav Botz, Max Nemetz, Wolfgang Heinz, Heinrich Witte, Guido Herzfeld, Karl Etlinger, Hardy von Francois, Fanny Schreck


A young, German real estate agent (Gustav von Wangenheim) is sent to Transylvania as the Count (Max Schreck) wants to purchase an house in Germany and soon realises the evil he is dealing with.


Almost a century ago, before vampires were portrayed as the cool kids, Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau brought to the screen Bram Stoker's legendary vampire, Dracula, for the very first time with "Nosferatu", a brilliant and quite disturbing masterpiece of silent cinema.

As mentioned above, the film is based on Stoker's novel, but, due to some copyright problems, the names of the characters and places were changed which is definitely not a big deal because the story remains the same, that story we all know by heart.

The story is well told, well, most of it is. Some parts look a little confusing because the titles don't really explain what is going on. Also I have to admit that at some point the story turns into something really weird that is nothing like "Dracula". 

Other than that, I have nothing to complain about. The sets, environments and photography are perfect and give the film a fantastic, unique and unforgettable atmosphere that is terrific and creepy, still nowadays. Some of the special effects are laughable, but they still deserve respect because this film was made before computers were even a thing.

And yes, this film is actually scary and Max Schreck has to be thanked for that. He plays the part of Count Orlok/Nosferatu to perfection, and with his long fingernails and gaunt appearance he delivers the best vampire performance ever, bringing such a presence to the role that cannot be equaled. 

I would have never imagined a silent film to still be this powerful nowadays, but I get why some people may find it too slow or boring. 


  1. I love this film and consider scary to this day especially when Shreck comes out from his coffin. Shreck actually means terror in German and little is known about this actor. You should watch Shadow of the Vampire with Willem Defoe playing's excellent.

  2. Rknockenauer@gmail.com19 October 2016 at 01:07

    For a film almost 100 years old still effective it was remade in 1979 aGermany. IF you
    Want non cool vampires try the newer movies Let me in, let the right one in. I think the
    Beginning of the cool vampire was Frank Langella inDracula.

  3. E' stato uno dei film classici più "educativi" che abbia mai visto. Mi ha insegnato molto sul cinema e sulla storia.