Sully (2016)


Biography | Drama


Clint Eastwood




Tom Hanks, Aaron Eckhart, Laura Linney, Anna Gunn, Autumn Reeser, Ann Cusack, Holt McCallany, Mike O'Malley, Jamey Sheridan, Jerry Ferrara, Molly Hagan, Max Adler, Sam Huntington, Wayne Bastrup, Valerie Mahaffey, Michael Rappaport


The story of Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger (Tom Hanks), an American pilot who became a hero after landing his disabled planet on the Hudson River later investigated for said fact.


After the controversial "American Sniper", Clint Eastwood once again brings to the screen the story of a hero with "Sully", an absorbing, intense and emotional biopic and easily the most human film of the year.

Unlike I thought at first, the film doesn't just tell the very well known story about the "Miracle on the Hudson" that could have been easily filled with action and adrenalin and made into an entertaining film, but it' tells the story of the man behind it, and how his life was upset by a long investigation that not only was trying to discredit him as a hero, but was threatening his career as well.

What makes the film great is that Eastwood leaves the story tell itself. Being the story already dramatic of its own, he doesn't try in any way to enhance that with unnecessary "powerful" scenes or special effects. Also this time he pretty much leaves out the patriotic component, which is only minimally manifested by people. And I'm sure people have complained (or will complain) about it. 

Something that can't be argue on is Clint Eastwood's directorial skills. Just like always, technically he does an outstanding job, allowing the audience to really get into Sully's head with this film that works both as a thriller and as a character study.

The cinematography by Tom Stern is also beautiful, the editing is great as well as the little special effects used in the film, but outstanding is the acting. First of all, Tom Hanks is the perfect choice for the role and he gives a great performance - not his best though -, and wonderfully shows the struggles Sully faced. The supporting cast is no less. Aaron Eckhart does a good job as Jeff Skiles, the co-pilot and brings some humour into the film. Laura Linney also does a good job as Sully's supportive wife, and Anna Gunn makes a really nice additions to the cast.

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