Walk of Fame (2017)

You know what I hate? Having a crush on Scott Eastwood because this dude seems to have a soft spot for goddamn awful movies. And Walk of Fame is easily the worst I've seen. 

Drew (Scott Eastwood) works at a telemarketing agency with his friend Nate (Cory Hardrict) because he keeps failing his bar exam. Then one day he meets a hot ex-flight attendant (Laura Ashley Samuels) and tracks her down at the acting school she's attending. The sort of thing a creep would do. Anyway, there he encounters an eccentric acting coach (Malcolm McDowell) and decides to pursue the acting career while trying to win the girl's heart (and her panties). 

That should give you an idea of how horrendous this film is. If it doesn't, I suggest you don't watch it. It's a point of non-return. 

The plot, or whatever Jesse Thomas (director and writer) tried to pass as such, doesn't make any sense and it's lame, lame and lame (that's why I think the title should have been The Walk of Lame). It basically consists of some characters screaming at each other, most of the time in a very offensive way, alternated with those same characters acting weird as f--k.

The characters, oh good lord, they are hideous. Just think of any cliché possible and these people have them. Black, white, Hispanics, gays, lesbians, dwarfs, they all are here in form of terrible stereotypes. It's usually good to have a diverse cast (that's Grey's Anatomy's greatest strength in my opinion), but this time it's just insulting. Also, the characters are very unlikable and some of them are beyond annoying. Which brings me to this question, what the f--k was the deal with that uccellini guy?

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Any attempt at comedy also falls flat. The film makes fun of gays, lesbians, dwarfs and obese most of the time. For the record, it doesn't work. The jokes all sound sexual, even the few that aren't supposed to be sex jokes. It basically has the humour of American Pie only it's not funny. 

The acting made me cringe even more, if that's possible. It was horrendous. Maybe these people should take some acting classes in real life. The terrible acting explains why they agreed to work on this though, I bet they couldn't find anything better. That doesn't apply to Malcolm McDowell of course. How did he end up in this mess?! As for Scott Eastwood, I've said this in the past, he's got potential, but he has to choose his projects more wisely if he doesn't want to end up in a movie where all he does is rolling his eyes at the stupid things that happen in the film.