Lou (2017)

While Coco got the apparently obnoxious (I haven't seen it yet) Olaf's Frozen Adventure, the apparently obnoxious Cars 3 (yes, you guessed it right, I haven't seen this one either. And I'll probably never watch it) got Lou. Now, I don't usually watch shorts but I made an exception for this one because of the Oscar nomination (I watched this while I was waiting for the ceremony to start). 

Lou is a "monster" made from the unclaimed items in the lost-and-found box in a kindergarten playground. Every day, Lou picks up the toys the kids left behind and sets them out on the playground for their owners to find. Then one day a bully starts taking other kids' toys and puts them in his backpack so Lou peacefully battles him to return the stolen toys.

As you can see, it's a pretty simple story but in its 6 minutes it's sweet and heartwarming and delivers an important message about bullying in a way that all audiences can understand it, especially kids. So given the message it totally makes sense that this was shown before Cars 3. Maybe it resolves the bullying in an overly simplistic way, it makes it look so/too easy (I know something about it since I've been a victim of bullying myself), but it's a start.

Lou doesn't only teach a lesson about bullies, but about responsibilities as well. How many times have we lost things? Forgot where we put them? Well, this short makes us reflect on that as well. 

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

In terms of animation, Lou isn't Pixar's best but it's still visually beautiful, cute and colourful. If you get the chance, watch this sweet and charming little film.

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  1. Concordo: tenerissimo e genuino, senza troppe forzature arzigogolate :D