Thursday Movie Picks: Television Edition: Non-English Language

a weekly series hosted by Wandering Through the Shelves

It's the last week, and day, of September which means it's time for another TV-themed Thursday Movie Picks. This week we are sharing series in a language that is not English. I'm pretty sure I talked about two of these series last year for the same theme, but I love both so much I will never shut up about them.

Dark (2017-2020) - Language: German

This is a time-travel related series that revolves around the interconnected lives of four German families. I was completely blown away. It's very complex and I've heard many people complaining about how hard it is to follow the story and characters throughout the different time periods, but I love being challenged. And it's not that complicated to be honest. If you have Netflix and you haven't seen it, please check it out.

Money Heist (2017-2021) - Language: Spanish 

This series follows a group of people led by a mysterious man known as "El Professor" (Álvaro Morte)  as they try to rob first the Royal Mint of Spain and then the Bank of Spain. It took me forever to start this but when I finally did, I loved it. I love how they developed the story, I fell in love with the characters, cried a lot. And can't wait to cry some more in December with the finale. 

Sacred Games (2018-2019) - Language: Hindi

This crime thriller series follows a Mumbai police officer (Saif Ali Khan) who, after receiving an anonymous phone call from a gangster, has 25 days to save the city from a bomb that will blow up it entirely. This one also took me forever to watch but it was SO good! It's incredibly tense, the story is engaging, I really liked some of the characters, and the acting is very strong. Another series I highly recommend. 


  1. I tried watching Dark a few years ago but I stopped a few episodes in. I really wanted to like that.

  2. I have not heard of any of these but I. So glad to read about 3 tv shows that are not anime. I suck this week. All 3 of these sound good but I really would like to see thT German one.

  3. Dark - Yeah it’s not that complicated to follow. I suspect those that find it so, it’s because they’re just not used to reading subtitles. While I love season one, I did not like season three.
    Money Heist - I enjoyed the first two parts which I think was the Royal Mint. However, when they decide for another go around with the Bank of Spain…I just found it all very old, just recycling stuff. I also can’t stand some of the over-the-top new characters and found the drama getting too soapy…very telenovela-ish.