Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)


Action | Sci-Fi


Zack Snyder




Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Jesse Eisenberg, Diane Lane, Laurence Fishburne, Jeremy Irons, Holly Hunter, Gal Gadot, Robin Atkin Downes, Tao Okamoto, Ray Fisher, Jason Momoa, Ezra Miller, Michael Shannon, Harry Lennix, Christina Wren, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Lauren Cohan


Fearing the actions of Superman (Henry Cavill) are left unchecked, Batman (Ben Affleck) takes on the man of steel, while the world wrestles with what kind of a hero it really needs. With Batman and Superman fighting each other, a new threat, Doomsday (Robin Atkin Downes), is created by Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg). It's up to Superman and Batman to set aside their differences along with Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) to stop Lex Luthor and Doomsday from destroying Metropolis.


My excitement was so high I went to the cinema on Wednesday night, even though that meant staying awake until almost one in the morning to see the whole thing. Big challenge for me considering the poor outcome of "Man of Steel", but, and I can't believe I'm actually saying it, Zack Snyder did a good job for once, and I haven't miss a single frame despite being tired as hell. Without further ado, here's my thoughts on one of the most anticipated films of 2016.

A great piece of entertainment, "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" is a solid foundation for the DC Cinematic Universe.

The opening sequence was not what I expected but it shows Snyder's visual creativity and wowed me for the first time that night: while the opening credits rolls in, in a dream-like sequence, is told the murder of Bruce Wayne's parents, without mince words since we all know the story, later to move the action in Metropolis, while it is being destroyed by Zod, this time shown from Batman's point of view.

I won't spoil anything, but the film goes on showing a series of actions that will bring the two superheroes, Batman and Superman, to the fateful clash, that eventually turns out to be nothing more than the outcome of a series of misunderstandings.

This first part is beautifully done, it is so well made that the idea of Zack Snyder making it won't even cross your mind for a second. Simply spectacular.

In the second part, the good old Zack just couldn't resist to the temptation, and indeed loaded it with a lot of action. While this was a major issue with "Man of Steel", in "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" the action is appropriately dosed and has really improved since 2013. The fight between Batman and Superman is quite amazing.

Despite one terrible scene - you'll know what I'm talking about when you'll see the film -, the CGI is actually good. Doomsday was frightening, threatening, all I wanted to see in such a character.

Unlike in the previous film, Snyder did not use action and special effects to compensate the lack of a good story. Actually, overall, the story is well written, it has the right amount of twists and a good amount of humour enough to be compelling and very entertaining. To be honest, though, there are some plot holes, and the story could have been developed a little better in the second part of the film.

The film also features quite beautiful cinematography, colours and atmosphere as well as a thrilling score from Hans Zimmer and  Junkie XL.

Something I was worried about was Ben Affleck playing Batman and Jesse Eisenberg playing Lex Luthor. While Christian Bale will always be my favourite Batman, Affleck did a wonderful job, he was intense, and played beautifully both the aged Bruce Wayne and Batman, and he can finally shake off "Daredevil". Jesse Eisenberg's casting was questionable, and I was worried he was going to kill Lex Luthor. Well, I've never been so happy to be wrong. He is quite a villain, deceiving, and convincing, a true devil. He still played Jesse Eisenberg, but really had something new this time. Gal Gadot is the other member of the cast standing out. Eff the haters, because she owned the role of Wonder Woman in every possible way, and she also nailed it as Diana. And now the other side of the coin: Henry Cavill. If he didn't convince you in "Man of Steel", he won't convince you neither here. As if looking like a piece of wood was not enough, he has also lost charm.

Overall, "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" is a great improvement on "Man of Steel", but it is not as good as Christopher Nolan's "The Dark Knight". Not even remotely.


  1. Io andrò dopo le vacanze a vederlo... Sarà difficile resistere agli spoiler!

  2. I expected to see what you'll write for this film, especially after the good 'Man of Steel' review. And I have to say, I'm a little surprised how high you rate this one.

    ~ It may contain SPOILERS! ~

    Yes, 'Batman v Superman' is better, but only because of two particular reasons: Ben Affleck's Batman very good performance and the fighting scene when rescuing Martha. The later one is even the one thing this film is better than Nolan's Batmans where the fighting scenes were absolute rubbish... The rest of 'Batman v Superman' was on the same level as 'Man of Steel'.

    The film begins with another depiction of a well-known story with yet another 'NOOOO' scene, even though unspoken. Instead of showing us things we already know, they've could shown us how Lex Luthor knows Batman and Superman identities. Thing never explained, nor any of the motives of the main characters. We have to take their motives and plans as a fact, a not very clear ones.

    Why Batman doesn't like Superman? Yes, we had that scene in the beginning, but that's not a good enough reason. After all Wayne/Batman is a smart character, he has to realise that Superman is saving the planet. So we have to assume things, suggest and speculate why he dislikes him. The same on the other side -- Kent/Superman dislikes Batman for what!? Helping the police to catch serious criminals!? Branding them!? Or maybe for killing someone... yes, when Superman is so morally high, killing yet again, this time to save his loved one. Maybe they tells us more about Lex Luthor's motives, reasons and goals... well, not really. Luthor's end game is mystery. It's obvious he had no control over Doomsday so if his plan has succeeded, then what?

    No motives, no reasons and add to that different storylines that mix up and one has to follow in the beginning -- the result is big confusion.

    Then the fighting scenes, suddenly Superman realises that Batman is good, but Batman should not listen, he is furious, unless a certain name is spoken. Yes, one name is enough to reason Batman and make him realise he was wrong too.

    After that is the ridiculous Transformerish style battle...

    At the end Batman and Superman are best buddies because their mothers' name coincide. Karma...


    This could go on and on and would be longer than your review. 'Batman v Superman' was a film with big potential that failed to live up to it. So I am a little surprised that with all its major issues you liked it after all, even more strange when you have no reviews of 'Transformers'.

    Bottom line, I would not recommend seeing this if you are not fan of mysteries, Transformers-like action and--more important--a kid.

    1. The film never implies that Lex Luthor knows Superman and Batman's identities. Anyway, it would quite obvious. Clark Kent and Superman basically look the same. And Bruce Wayne and Batman, well, there are too many coincidences. I mean, Bruce Wayne disappeared for years, when he went back to Gotham also Batman arrived. One does not have to be that smart to get that.

      Why Batman doesn't like Superman? Because while Superman was too busy killing Zod, he basically destroyed Metropolis, and let a lot of people die. That's why Batman is so mad with Superman. And Superman dislikes Batman because he kills people. It's the same problem with many superheros.

      Yes, there are some plot holes, and they could have shown the reason why Lex does what he does, and the Batman v Superman conflict could have been solved better.

      As for the action, I quite enjoyed it, and it was better than Man of Steel's. And I have no reviews of Transformers because I saw them before the blog and I'm trying to watch films I haven't seen already since most of the Transformers films are bad.

      I'm sorry to hear you didn't like the film, but I can't do anything about it, nor I can do something about the fact that I actually enjoyed the film.

    2. I think it was clearly implied, either this, or that joke at the library event was more than lame. Besides Luthor's made trap for Superman with his girlfriend at the very beginning so he somehow managed to know who's Superman and who's Kent girlfriend... Later he says that Batman has been preparing for the battle for 2 years. He had way too much intel.

      And we may laugh at Superman disguise but in that fictional universe isn't supposed to be that easy to figure it out. In fact isn't supposed to figure out that easily identities of superheroes and villains. If Luther is not needed to be that smart, so everybody else is utterly stupid.

      Both Batman and Superman motives feels more like shallow ones. Superman also had killed how can he judge others? Even if we forget about Zod, he smashed some guy in this film with supersonic speed through several walls which is definitely a kill and after that he founds out about Batman and his deeds. At that point Batman has only branded bad guys. They could have made it like some clash of ways of thinking or ideologies, if you want, but no, it was simple, without thought, so the kids don't bother to turn their brains on.

      You don't have to be sorry about anything. You enjoyed it, no big deal. For example, I enjoyed 'Deadpool' but at the end of the day I realise it is not that good of a film and maybe doesn't deserve more than 3/5 (6/10). Yet, imdb users rate it 8,4/10... 'Batman v Superman' in my eyes doesn't deserve more than 2,5/5, its story is not remotely near well written with so many plot holes and problems, and wtf moment, and you, as a comics fan, I think should know that. 'Batman v Superman' is more like Transformers with superheroes. Maybe I expected a bit more, as I said, this title had a lot of potential.

      P.S.; As I am about to publish this reply, I see you corrected the rating you gave and added line about the plot holes. So now I'm not sure if it's worth posting it, but anyhow I have spent time writing it...

  3. Negs:
    -Superman was a let down, his motivations for not liking Batman were not fleshed out. It could've been a battle of ideologies but instead they are all misunderstandings. For me a missed opportunity to humanize Supes. Also some of his dialogue was just bad.
    -Amy Adams is beautiful and a great actress but I feel they really tries to give her something to do. Yes I understand she's important to Superman, that doesn't mean that she absolutely has to be part of a really critical end battle. Also, how long is she gonna play damsel in distress? MoS held the same issues.
    -Lex Luthor, well... he just wasn't Lex. He was Riddler.

    -Daily bugle scenes to me were horribly boring that were covered with a heavy dark tone that didn't help when they tried to make jokes and funny quips. I was constantly wondering why we were taking so much time in cubicles.

    + Jesse Eisenberg. He was acting, having, fun, and actually being a menace in this movie. He wasn't Lex, but definitely was a good villain. To me his daddy issues about Power and his hatred for God gave him clear motivation to actually "move something in the room" A little twitchy at times but I enjoyed it.
    + Doomsday. Maybe his creation was a little wonky and kinda convenient, but he was a Force to be reckoned with. 1 very powerful villain, instead of armies of robots/aliens/ninjas. I enjoyed it and the CGI wasn't horrible.
    + Batman/Bruce/Ben Affleck. Stellar. Just an amazing performance that solidifies him as the definitive Batman of today. There's not much that I can say that hasn't been said about Bats in this movie. If anything he's the reason to see it. People that don't like him in this movie just have preconceived notions of who they think he should be, sooo c'mon!
    + Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman for me stole the show! She was amazing, and she had the most simple story. Sprinkled in the movie here and there with a true sense of mystery surrounding her. Her "acting ability" was great and her action scenes were spectacular. Yes the email file scene was corny and I think the writers could've found a better way to do this, but that isn't on her. Stellar and I cannot wait for her solo film.

    + The movies is visually amazing along with Hanz Zimmer and Junkie XL providing a great score to give the movie depth. Some scenes were straight off the pages of a comic, and I loved them.

    I could go into more detail but I think that's all I wanted to elaborate on. In conclusion I believe this movie had shots at greatness but fell short due to the Storyline and the Editing being a bit clunky. Some character's were not developed enough and the motivations at times weren't clear.
    It visually stunning, the score is awesome, and the action was freakin' epic.
    Fun movie overall. For me a solid 7/10(MoS for me is a 6/10)

    Anyways that's what I thought.

    Great Review I enjoyed your views on the film. Keep it up

  4. Good review, Sonia, although I think I must have enjoyed the film a little better than you did :) Just one point that you have a bit wrong in your answer to Filip, the Russian-sounding guy. The film does indeed imply that Lex had found out Bats' and Supes' secret identities. He knows well who Superman's foster mother is, therefore he has to have discovered his secret identity. And it's revealed at the end of the film that Luthor's the one to send Bruce Wayne newspaper clippings and that he was the one who'd had Robin's uniform defaced, in order to anger and confuse the Batman. Therefore he must have known Batman's secret identity, too. Otherwise, it's good, and I think I'll add your film blog to my "regular" list.