The Net (1995)


Action | Thriller


Irwin Winkler




Sandra Bullock, Jeremy Northam, Dennis Miller, Diane Baker, Wendy Gazelle, Ken Howard, Ray McKinnon, Robert Gossett, Wren T. Brown


Computer programmer Angela Bennett (Sandra Bullock) stumbles upon a conspiracy, putting her life and the lives of those around her in great danger.


I certainly wasn't expecting a classic when I put this film on last night. Well, at least I was not disappointed, because "The Net" is a mediocre Internet crime thriller.

The film is paced rather well, and the storyline - Hitchcock would have loved it - is quite promising, but then lack of development happens, and the film turns pretty much into Sandra Bullock being chased around by some nasty but clever people who have erased her identity. The climax comes way too late, and when it comes the musical choice isn't helping much the suspense, that somehow manages to be quite good considering the predictability of the story.

Computer technology has evolved tremendously since 1995, so obviously the film seems dated after all these years - I doubt nowadays kids even know what a floppy disk is -, but it certainly is not behind when talking about the film's topic. Needless to say identity theft is a real threat to everyone today as well. Actually, it is more of a threat today than it was in 1995, and it would be even easier to steal someone's identity considering all the information about ourselves we share everyday online.

The all conspiracy thing behind it is kind of science fiction, even though it's plenty of people believing in conspiracies. So who am I to judge?

Technically speaking, the film is a disaster. Director Irwin Winkler delights us with techniques we might see on MTV, and the scenes with potentially gripping moments are too slow. The editing is bad and, like I've mentioned before, the music is badly picked.

But Sandra Bullock is starring. This is a good thing for me because I'm a huge fan of her, and she is the reason why I watched the film in the first place. But she actually gives a pretty good performance as Angela Bennett, and she manages to bring some realness to the character. Also I read that she isn't as annoying as usual to people who don't like her.

Still, go for it if you love Sandy. Otherwise just don't. The game wouldn't worth the candle.

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  1. I saw this when it came out and thought it was quite good and a change of pace for Sandra. It would be interesting to see this again since there have been so many changes