American Sniper (2014)





Bradley Cooper, Sienna Miller, Max Charles, Luke Grimes, Kyle Gallner, Sam Jaeger, Jake McDorman, Cory Hardrict, Navid Negahban, Eric Close, Eric Ladin, Joel Lambert, Rey Gallegos, Kevin Lacz, Brian Hallisay, Jonathan Groff, Ben Reed, Billy Miller, Elise Robertson, Keir O'Donnell, Marnette Patterson, Jason Hall, Leonard Roberts, Sammy Sheik


Growing up in Texas, Chris Kyle's father (Ben Reed) teaches him how to hunt deer and shoot a rifle. Years later, Chris Kyle (Bradley Cooper) is nothing more than a rodeo cowboy, when he sees news coverage of the 1998 U.S. embassy bombings and enlists in the U.S. Navy, where he is eventually accepted for SEAL training, becoming a U.S. Navy SEAL sniper.
After marrying, Kyle and the other members of the team are called for their first tour of Iraq. Kyle's struggle isn't with his missions, but about his relationship with the reality of the war and, once returned at home, how he manages to handle it with his urban life, his wife and kids.


American Sniper is a story about war, death, violence, fear, hope and love; and it well describes the moral dilemma that undergoes a sniper in war, and how it does affect a man spending 3 years of his life so. 
While Clint Eastwood, once again, proved to be a major director - the reason why he wasn't nominated as best director is a mystery -, the real story of Chris Kyle is far more complex than shown in the film; because Chris Kyle didn't solve all his problems in a session with a psychiatrist; and he wasn't only scared of sudden noises: while sleeping one night, Kyle almost broke his wife's arm; not to mention his alcohol problems and his several arrests - full story at The New Yorker.
Kyle killing Mustafa is the best scene, photography talking: I loved the way the scene was edited.
Multiple Academy Award nominee Bradley Cooper wonderfully portraits Chris Kyle. 


Taya: You're my husband, you're the father of my children. Even when you're here, you're not here. I see you, I feel you, but you're not here.

Taya: I need you... to be human again. I need you here.




  1. I also watched this film recently and I really liked it.
    This film shows us, not only what Kyle went through, but what every soldier has to go through while in war. Those internal battles where their military and patriotic side fights against their moral and human side. Like the scene where a child picks up the weapon from a dead man’s corpse and Kyle prays the child doesn’t try to shoot it because he doesn’t want to kill him.
    The only bad thing about this film was the fake baby... What do you think about that?

    Salha | Abuhayar

    1. Well, with a $58.8 Million budget I was expecting something more than a fake baby. But that's not that important after all

  2. I watched the movie and I didn't like it.,, went on and on omg what a bore!