Watching/binging TV series is something I've always loved, even as a kid, when TV series were considered junk as they weren't' as deep as films. Today it's completely different. It's actually easier to find deep, interesting series with well-written characters than it is finding a film with the same qualities. Which is both the reason why Getter over Mettel Ray decided to host this amazing TV Alphabet blogathon and why I decided to join the party. 

Thursday Movie Picks: Break-Ups

A weekly series hosted by Wandering Through the Shelves

You know what's harder than getting over a break-up? Getting over a break-up between two characters you love and want to see together. Needless to say, these are the movies I'm focusing on for this week's Thursday Movie Picks, films whose break-ups break my heart every time.

Thursday Movie Picks: Non-English Language Movies

A weekly series hosted by Wandering Through the Shelves

I've been internet-less since September 2 — not one but two lightings struck my phone wire, the phone company guy showed up only yesterday to fix it and turns out it fried the modem too — which translated in no Netflix. Which forced me to watch stuff I own. Which ended up with me rewatching Linklater's brilliant Before trilogy. And since yesterday I saw Before Sunset not long before working on this, and it's set in Paris, for this week's Thursday Movie Picks I went double theme within a theme with three films in French set in Paris. 

Perfect Strangers (2016)

There are many rotten aspects in modern-day Italy and I consider the cinematic art to be one of them as the majority of Italian films hitting the screen nowadays are pure trash, reason why this is the one category I tend to avoid (the most). There are, however, some exceptions now and then, that one film that, either because of its cast — usually Alessandro Gassmann — or its trailer, I'm interested in seeing. Paolo Genovese's Perfect Strangers (Italian: Perfetti sconosciuti) falls into the latter category as the trailer was very funny. Imagine my surprise when I found myself watching a funny, entertaining but also very clever and thought-provoking comedy-drama.

Thursday Movie Picks: Hostages

A weekly series hosted by Wandering Through the Shelves

When it comes to the hostage genre, I'm the first whose mind goes to action flicks because, let's be honest, nothing says "hostage movie" like an action movie. But there's so much more to the genre and that's the way I decided to go with two of my picks.

Monthly Recap: August 2019

They say time flies when you're busy but I didn't do much in August other than working and yet here we are, a blink of an eye later and it's September already and I'm struggling to write something because, as I just said, I didn't do anything in August.