2020 Blind Spot Series: The Terminator (1984) & Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991)

Something I more or less enjoyed over the years is watching beloved movie franchises — from Rocky to Friday the 13th, I watched all the major ones. As I was writing down my Blind Spot picks for the year I noticed that one was still missing, the Terminator franchise. I decided to go with the first two films only as I was told they were the great ones, the only worth watching. And so did I. And what a dreadful experience it was.

Thursday Movie Picks: Television Edition: Docu Series

A weekly series hosted by Wandering Through the Shelves

Thanks to COVID19 I'm catching up with many series these days — I finally finished Orange Is the New Black, watched Russian Doll, and I've picked up again Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, and started Money Heist — but given the apocalyptic/sci-fi horror set up my life now has I'm focusing on fictional stuff only. Which is kind of a shame because there are so many documentary series out there people keep talking about in a very good way. Those are the series I'm going to pick for March's final Thursday Movie Picks, documentary series people love that I'm yet to see. 

Thursday Movie Picks: Bad Boys

A weekly series hosted by Wandering Through the Shelves

9 days of quarantine and my brother has already lost it. He's growing a moustache now. Or maybe he's trying to copy the look of someone from Narcos: Mexico since he's catching up on the series (by the way, I haven't seen the series yet but I assume there's plenty of people with horrific moustaches in it). Maybe he just wants to look like a bad guy without actually being one — for the latter, he could simply go for a ride with his bike and break the law. Why am I bringing this up? Because the theme for this week's Thursday Movie Picks is bad boys and I'd really feel like I'm not fulfilling my life as a sister if I didn't share this embarrassing thing about him since it fits the theme. But enough with the rambling, here are my picks.

Lost Girls (2020)

I was very reluctant when Netflix's latest original, Lost Girls, popped up on my homepage last Friday. I, however, was very intrigued by its cast — specifically Amy Ryan and Thomasin McKenzie — and, after a brief survey on Twitter, I decided to give it a chance. And I'm glad I did as it turned out to be an absorbing and intriguing, although by the numbers, true-crime drama.

Thursday Movie Picks: Spoofs / Satires / Mockumentaries

A weekly series hosted by Wandering Through the Shelves

The bar where I work closed on Monday due to Coronavirus which leaves me with a lot of free time, the time I need to watch all those series I started on Netflix but never finished — and never will because I realized watching series and movies all day is no longer my thing. Anyways, the series I restarted watching is Brooklyn Nine-Nine which obviously brought back my Andy Samberg phase. Why am I telling you this? Because for this multiple themed Thursday Movie Picks I decided to go with three mockumentaries starring him. Plus a bonus pick because it's the greatest mockumentary ever. 

Thursday Movie Picks: Deadly Sins Edition: Gluttony

A weekly series hosted by Wandering Through the Shelves

As you can tell by the title, March's deadly sin is gluttony, probably the one I'm the most guilty of, and yet I can't come up with movies about it. For this reason I'm going with scenes where a character is really enjoying his/her food.

Monthly Recap: February 2020

I cannot but open this monthly recap with the wonderful news of Italy finally having primacy in Europe and, if Italians continue to act like dickheads, we are probably going to out to South Korea and maybe even China. What am I talking about? The Coronavirus, ladies and gentlemen. February's hot news. The thing everyone talks about. The thing everyone is shitless scared about. I kid you not people here are losing their minds here. They are emptying supermarkets, buying kilos of pasta like the apocalypse is coming, and that's exactly how this country looks now. Empty roads, empty bars, empty cinemas — the latter are even closed in the north of the country. It feels like being in a disaster movie, the actual disaster being people's stupidity.