Thursday Movie Picks: Television Edition: Gangsters

Gangsters make for a fascinating topic, you can’t deny it. Reason why I love watching movies about them. It’s not the same when it comes to TV series though as I add these shows on my watchlist but, most of the time, never start them. So, yeah, this week of Wandering Through the Shelves’s Thursday Movie Picks was a tough one for me.

Alles ist gut (2018)

When dealing with a subject as sensitive as rape, films usually go for the unexpected act of extreme violence followed by its devastating and dramatic consequences, and that usually leaves room for little else. Thankfully, that's not the case with Eva Trobisch's Alles ist gut (All good), a restrained debut that provides an interesting, rather unique and compelling perspective on sexual abuse and its psychological effects; a film Netflix can finally be proud of. 

Thursday Movie Picks: Period Dramas

I don't know about you but period drama makes me think of drama related to something bloody... anyway, that's the theme for this week's Thursday Movie Picks, the weekly series hosted by Wandering Through the Shelves, the movie genre, I mean, not the other thing. And since I'm not the biggest fan of the genre, I decided to go with three films starring actors I love. 

Movie Clichés About Bartending That Are Actually True

From the animated sitcom The Simpsons to Stanley Kubrick's horror The Shining, the world of fiction is filled with bartenders. Some are most iconic and popular than others but they all have a thing in common, they always bring along clichés. 

Murder Mystery (2019)

The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected) probably being the only exception — I haven't seen his entire filmography —, Adam Sandler movies are usually downright terrible. It's pretty much the same when it comes to Jennifer Aniston; there are some exceptions here and there but most of her films are just not that good. Because of this, it didn't seem like a particularly good idea to spend my free Friday morning to watch Netflix's latest original, Murder Mystery, which stars both. Surprisingly, the film exceeded my expectations as it is a quite enjoyable combination of comedy, mystery and romance. 

Thursday Movie Picks: Undercover

There are many reasons why people pretend to be someone they are not. Most of them do it for the greater good, or good in general, and those are the people I’m focusing on today for Wandering Through the Shelves’s Thursday Movie Picks as we are asked to pick films where a character, or more than one, goes undercover. 

Snatch (2000)

Despite having seen and enjoyed both Sherlock Holmes films — I did see them many years ago so it’s possible my opinion would change if I were to rewatch them —, the dreadful King Arthur: Legend of the Sword was enough to make of Guy Ritchie a filmmaker to stay away from. Reason why, despite having over the years heard nothing but good if not great things about it, I never bothered to watch Snatch. But I should have because those weren’t just rumours, Guy Ritchie’s is the charming, funny and exciting crime comedy everyone says it is. 

Thursday Movie Picks: Nannies and Babysitters

Despite my aversion for babies, toddlers and all the likes of, there are people who love them and make them. But having a baby is not enough, these people still want to have a life. And for this reason, they hire nannies and babysitters to take care of their children while they are out having fun or working or whatever. Which is great, otherwise we wouldn't have this nannies and babysitters themed week for Wandering Through the Shelves's Thursday Movie Picks

Monthly Recap: May 2019

As you may know — if you bothered reading my returning videotapes post — I’ve finally found a job and, unfortunately, as much as I love movies and talking about them, I got to a point where posting daily was no longer an option for me and my mental health.