2020 Blind Spot Series: Boyz n the Hood (1991)

While I picked my previous (and following) Blind Spot films out of popularity or Oscar nominations and win, John Singleton's Boyz n the Hood ended on the list because of Dell over Dell on Movies and his love for the film. And because of the many great things I've read over the years, I had very high expectations. Which the film didn't meet but spectacularly exceeded as Singleton's debut is a powerful, raw, and emotional coming-of-age drama.

Thursday Movie Picks: Television Edition: TV Series Based on Movies

A weekly series hosted by Wandering Through the Shelves
After waking up covered in sweat from a 40-minute nap that felt like forever, in the heat of my AC-less room, I struggle to find words to properly introduce July's final theme. So I'm just going to say that this week we are talking about TV series based on movies, as the title says, and that since I've used the majority of those I've seen, I'm going with series I'm yet to watch but have been meaning to as I read great things about them. 

Thursday Movie Picks: Secret Doorways/Worlds

A weekly series hosted by Wandering Through the Shelves
There's nothing I'd love more right now than walk through a door and find myself on a beach on some island, doing absolutely nothing other than relaxing all day long. Preferably with Daniel Ricciardo. Who am I kidding? I wouldn't even have the energy to entertain him, if you know what I mean. Anyway, unfortunately, I live in the real world and the closest I can get to such an experience is watching a movie about someone entering a secret world. Which is exactly what we are talking about in this week’s Thursday Movie Picks.

Thursday Movie Picks: Male Buddy Movies

A weekly series hosted by Wandering Through the Shelves
I used to watch Dumb and Dumber all the time when I was young and have been watching the buddy genre over the years so, finally, a Thursday Movie Picks week I'm prepared for, although I have to keep some of my favourites out because they revolve around women.

Palm Springs (2020)

After days of either mediocre or heavy films, I decided to give Lonely Island's latest film, Palm Springs, a chance because what a better way to improve the day than with a light and short comedy starring one of my celebrity crushes, Andy Samberg? Well, despite expecting it to be good — because I loved Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping — I still can't believe what a funny, charming and delightful twist on the time-loop genre it turned out to be.

Thursday Movie Picks: Globetrotting Movies

A weekly series hosted by Wandering Through the Shelves
As someone who likes to travel but doesn’t do it very often — when I had time I didn’t have the money, and now that I have the money I don’t have the time — I hate watching movies about people travelling. That being said, there are some movies about travelling that I’ve been meaning to watch and those are my picks for this week’s Thursday Movie Picks

Thursday Movie Picks: Deadly Sins Edition: Wrath

A weekly series hosted by Wandering Through the Shelves
I've been feeling so low these last couple of days, I didn't really feel like talking about movies at all. Even writing June's recap was quite a challenge as I didn't feel like doing anything other than laying on my bed and commiserate myself. But since that's not possible — I have to go to work — and I haven't missed a single Thursday Movie Picks this year, here I am, sharing three films about the sin of wrath. 

Monthly Recap: June 2020

Another month has gone by, another month of me not doing the things I said I'd do, like visiting some places and learning German, although I did improve my doodling game a lot.