Just Before I Go (2014)





Seann William Scott, Olivia Thirlby, Garret Dillahunt, Kate Walsh, Kyle Gallner, Rob Riggle, Evan Ross, Cleo King, Missi Pyle, Elisha Cuthbert, Mackenzie Marsh, Connie Stevens, David Arquette


On the verge of giving up on life, Ted Morgan (Seann William Scott) decides to go back to his hometown and face the people he feels are responsible for crafting the person he has become.


A huge misfire according to the majority of critics, Just Before I Go is actually a quite entertaining, funny, touching and twisted dramedy, even though the overly sentimental and clichéd ending kind of lower the level of the film.

Best known for her role of Monica in the 90's-00's TV Series "Friends", in her directorial debut, Courteney Cox does a pretty good job pulling different elements in the film, well-balancing the amount of emotions and laughing-out-loud moments, and capturing the everyday complications of life, marriage, and sexuality.

The writing is good, the several stories are well told, and it is plenty of humour - not for those who gets easily offended -, and funny characters. Also, through Ted's journey, the film delivers an important message: whatever problem you think you have, there are people out there going through worst situations, so stop complaining, live your life, and appreciate what you have. Also, I really loved the soundtrack.

Seann William Scott really surprised me. Since he played Stifler on the American Pie series he has aged and grown, both personally and as an actor, and he delivers a stunning and emotional performance, unarguably his best so far. I really hope to see him in such roles again soon. Great acting comes from the supporting cast as well. Garret Dillahunt gives a funny performance as Scott's brother. Olivia Thirlby and Kyle Gallner both give a great performance.


Ted Morgan: When it's darkest we can see the stars. They're always there. You just gotta remember to tip your head back and look up.

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