Song of the Sea (2014)


Animation | Fantasy


Tomm Moore


Ireland | Denmark | Belgium | Luxembourg | France

Voice Cast

David Rawle, Brendan Gleeson, Fionnula Flanagan, Lisa Hannigan, Lucy O'Connell, Jon Kenny, Pat Shortt, Colm Ó Snodaigh, Liam Hourican, Kevin Swieszcz, Will Collins, Paul Young


Ben (David Rawle), a young Irish boy, and his little sister Saoirse (Lucy O'Connell), a girl who can turn into a seal, go on an adventure to free the faeries and save the spirit world.


If the animation of this film was enough to draw my attention, the content was enough to amaze me and keep me engaged.

"Song of the Sea" is an amazing, moving animated film that brings to life the Irish folklore balancing fantasy and real life to perfection.

The story can be a little confusing without a little knowledge on Irish myths, but the film does a great job in explaining everything one needs to know. It basically is about overcoming sorrow, and at the same time manages to be a nice addition to the coming of age genre that shows a genuine relationship between brother and sister. In movies, brothers and sisters usually either fight or are very close. This film manages to be closer to reality as it shows a relationship that is a bit of both.

Through a magical story, Irish director Tomm Moore invites everyone, both an adult and young audience, to think about the importance of memories and emotions. The two kids teach the witch, and everyone watching, that one should never deprive himself of memories and emotions, whether positive or negative, because life is shaped by experiences, and whether good or bad, they are necessary to grow.

This beautiful message is delivered with beautiful, enchanting animations uniquely drawn, and a spectacular musical score that fits the plot so perfectly, it would be impossible to imagine the film without it. 

At last, it features great voice work, especially from Lucy O'Connell who is particularly strong as Saoirse, David Rawle who manages to portray Ben's emotions very well and Brendan Gleeson who is just perfect for the father.


  1. Voglio recuperarlo, perchè Tomm Moore è un genio!

    1. Veramente. Il mondo ha bisogno di più artisti come lui.

  2. I watched this with my son and we both loved it. The animation was so different as was the story. I'm waiting for this to go on sale so I can buy the DVD. It's ridiculously expensive here for some reason.

    1. I'll have to buy the DVD on Amazon because I can't find it in any store where I live.