Thursday Movie Picks: Sororities/Fraternities/School Secret Societies

Welcome to Thursday Movie Picks, a weekly series hosted by Wandering Through the Shelves where each Thursday you have to pick three films to match the week's topic.

As you can see from the title of this post, this week is also college related. Only this time isn't just anything college related, but sororities, fraternities and secret societies. I've never been a member of any of these, and I'm not even interested, but I've seen a lot of films about them, and picking three film wasn't hard at all. Since the topics are three, I picked one for each, and without further ado, here's my picks

The House Bunny (2008)

After being kicked out of the playboy mansion, Shelley finds a job at a sorority full of socially awkward girl. I think this is enough to discourage anyone from watching this film (don't judge me, I watched it only for Emma Stone). It isn't that funny, nor interesting. Neither Anna Faris can save it. 

Neighbors (2014)

Forced to live next to a fraternity house, a couple with a newborn baby will do whatever they can to take those frat guys down. I know I'm going against the crowd here but I didn't like this film either. It was like a tedious version of American Pie, and most of the jokes just didn't work for me. But there's a shirtless Zac Efron in it.

Dead Poets Society (1989)

The lives of a group of students change when their new, unorthodox English teacher encourages them to make their lives extraordinary. You know where I'm going, right? Wrong, I love absolutely love this film. It is such an amazing and uplifting hymn to life, and Robin Williams is terrific in it. This film is pure poetry. 


  1. Haven't seen House Bunny, which seems to be the title of the week, nor do I ever think I will. Just the commercials looked mind numbing.

    The very beginning of Neighbors seemed promising but then it slide into stupidity and I was left wondering why it had gotten such positive feedback.

    I thought Dead Poet's Society was okay, for whatever reason it reminds me of the film School Ties which I liked better but Robin Williams is very effective in the movie.

    I pulled from three different genres for mine-thriller, drama and a musical.

    The Skulls (2000)-Thinking it will help grease the wheels for his entrance into Harvard Law School Luke (Joshua Jackson) joins the secret fraternity at his college “The Skulls”. At first everything seems great but a series of disturbing incidents causes him to look for answers to the real purpose of the fraternity and suddenly he finds that his life might be in danger.

    Fraternity Row (1977)-College Freshman Zac (Gregory Harrison) pledges a prestigious fraternity despite his girlfriend’s feeling that they are antiquated and discriminatory. Objecting to the brutality of hazing Zac, joined by some of the other pledges, rebels but the fraternity’s leader turns a deaf ear to their complaints leading to a terrible calamity. Scott Newman who plays the head of the fraternity was the son of Paul and died of a drug overdose not long after completion of this film.

    Good News (1947)-It’s football season at good ol’ Tait College and Big Man On Campus Tommy Marlowe (Peter Lawford), the star quarterback, is torn between two sorority sisters, the gold digging Pat McClellan and wholesome, down to earth Connie Lane (June Allyson). Flirty Pat turns his head which causes him to treat Connie badly but when he flunks a test and may not be able to play the Big Game it’s Connie he turns to so that he can make the grade! Tuneful musical is an almost perfect example of MGM at its peak. The finale, The Varsity Drag and the earlier Pass That Peace Pipe, are studies in color coordination and dancing precision while remaining breezy delights.

  2. I haven't seen any of these and will skip the first 2. The House Bunny looks stupid and so does Neighbours. I am finding I don't care much for Seth Rogan. I still have to see Dead Poet's Society. I think I am the last person who has never seen it.

  3. Neighbours was better than expected and I enjoyed some of it but I couldn't shake the annoying aspects of it. The House Bunny was a run of the mill film but I liked the cast they got for it. For any thing about Frats and Sororities, you may as well just watch the TV show Greek.... which I actually really liked.

  4. Dead Poet's Society is amazing and I was very pleasantly surprised by Neighbors. I haven't watched the sequel just yet. House Bunny was dreadful.

  5. I'm against the crowd with Dead Poets Society, I just never cared for it when we watched it in school.

  6. I love that you went with one of each. Neighbours is the only one I haven't seen, I am curious about it since generally it's been well received.