Julia's Eyes (2010)

Original Title

Los ojos de Julia




Guillem Morales




Belén Rueda, Lluís Homar, Clara Segura, Julia Gutiérrez, Francesc Orella, Pablo Derqui, Joan Dalmau, Héctor Claramunt, Daniel Grao, Boris Ruiz, Victor Benjumea, Carlos Fabregas, Dani Codina, Oscar Foronda, Laura Barba


After the death of her blind twin sister, Julia (Belén Rueda), who is also slowly losing her sight, starts investigating what the police says it's just a case of suicide.


I really wanted to see this film when it came out but eventually didn't because of its supernatural elements. I wasn't a big fan of that at the time. Now things have changed, I've come to love Guillermo del Toro's work, and the least I could do was to check it out. And I have to say that "Julia's Eyes" really was a pleasant surprise. With flaws.

Even though it's not the first time that a horror flick uses blindness to fulfil its purpose, the story to this film is quite fascinating and original, and it does have some interesting plot twists in store. Unfortunately, it does also fall into some clichés of the genre, like the mysterious old man, or the chases through dark corridors.

With a sinister and mysterious atmosphere, Guillem Morales manages to deliver a lot of suspense and really keeps you on the edge of your seat, but, and this is a big one, there is a tremendous tension drop in the central part, and the story, even though it is rich in developments, doesn't seem to go anywhere. But then the final part comes in and it makes you almost forget about that middle section.

Some nice additions to the film are Oscar Faura's photography that really captures the atmosphere of the film, and Fernando Velazquez's musical score that adds plenty of suspense.

Not less important is the cast, especially Belén Rueda. I loved her performance in "The Sea Inside" and I was really curious to see how she would have done in horror and she does more than fine. Actually she is sensational in the role of the two sisters, especially in the second part of the film.

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