Michael Clayton (2007)


Crime | Drama | Thriller


Tony Gilroy




George Clooney, Tom Wilkinson, Tilda Swinton, Sydney Pollack, Michael O'Keefe, Merritt Wever, Austin Williams, Denis O'Hare, Robert Prescott, Terry Serpico


After a lawyer (Tom Wilkinson) has a breakdown while representing a chemical company that he knows is guilty, Michael Clayton (George Clooney), the law firm's fixer, is tasked to remedy the situation. 


I've heard of this film for the first time last week. How is that possible considering it was nominated for Best Picture not even 10 years ago? I have no idea. But everyone was saying how good "Michael Clayton" is, and being a lover of legal thrillers I had to watch it. And it really is a good movie, but it's not your typical legal thriller.

The storyline is very simple, yet the great and gripping storytelling makes it very intricate and interesting. But the plot isn't the real deal, because, like I said, this is a different legal thriller.

Instead of focusing on the clich├ęs of the genre - it still has some though -, the film set its attention on something definitely more important, the moral dilemma of working for guilty people, and defending them even though you are disgusted by those people's actions.

Tony Gilroy does a good job both as a writer and director as he is able to keep you involved and to maintain the suspense throughout the whole film, building tension with slowly unfolding events rather than providing car chases, or those action things some people think are needed to make a thriller exciting.

The solid script and direction are backed up by a fantastic cinematography by Robert Elswit, precise editing, and a score that fits the film.

Another great addition is the cast. Oh my god George Clooney. Along with Tom Cruise, he is the other actor I couldn't stand growing up. I'm still not a fan of him, but you don't need to like him to see what a wonderful and captivating performance he gives as Michael Clayton. Also he is supported by some fantastic actors, from Tilda Swinton who gives a tremendous performance as a good corporate attorney and a very fragile woman, to Tom Wilkinson who is absolutely brilliant as the lawyer who gains a conscience.


  1. Nice review! Michael Clayton isn't one of the first legal thrillers that pop into my head, 'cause like you said it's pretty different from many in the genre. But it's still a pretty great movie.

    1. Thank you! It really is a nice addition to the genre.