Before We Go (2014)


Comedy, Drama, Romance


Chris Evans




Chris Evans, Alice Eve, Emma Fitzpatrick, Mark Kassen, Daniel Spink, Elijah Moreland, John Cullum, Scott Evans


A woman (Alice Eve) misses the 1:30 train from New York to Boston and a street musician (Chris Evans) spends the night trying to help her make it back home before her husband does.


Romances are still not my thing, but I decided to give "Before We Go" a chance anyway because I was interested in seeing what Chris Evans would do at his directorial debut. Well, he didn't do a terrible job, but neither a great one.

But it's not entirely his fault. The biggest problem is indeed the story. Although it really looks like a "Before Sunrise" remake - which should be good since Linklater's film was pure genius -, the story to this film never seems to take off, and that's probably because instead of just having two people doing random things in New York and enjoying themselves, it lingers way too much on the woman's secret and it ends up being quite annoying.

The dialogue contributes to the failure of the film. Forget about the amusing talks about ordinary things between Jesse and Céline, all that comes out of the two main characters' mouths is clichéed and not very believable.

"Before We Go" isn't even as visually appealing as Linklater's masterpiece, however, it still benefits from a good leading duo. Although they come nothing near to Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy, Chris Evans and Alice Eve both do a good job, they have a good chemistry, and they have the power to keep you watching until the end, even though the film isn't that good.


  1. Nice review! Before We Go is a nice movie to have on in the afternoon. The biggest issue for me was Alice Eve's character. Evans's character is SO nice, perhaps a little too nice, but her frequent rudeness is unappealing. At some point, if I were him, I would've gone my separate way 'cause how can you keep pushing to help someone who doesn't really want it.

    1. Thanks! That's true, Eve's character was awful and it's given her too much importance. I thought that Evans's was too nice for her too.

  2. I think you couldn't be more wrong. Before we goo does a beautiful job at telling the story which wasn't complicated but sweet. Chris Evans's direction is marveolus and very underrated and Alice Eve is the perfect choice for the role of a confused women in new york.
    It's a really underrated movie.