Saw 3D (2010)

The Saw franchise has had its ups and downs but I think it's only with Saw 3D that it hit the bottom. This film is indeed terrible. There isn't a single good thing about it.

Starting from the plot that sees Detective Hoffman (Costas Mandylor) hunting down Jill Tuck (Betsy Russell), Jigsaw's (Tobin Bell) wife, for trying to kill him in the previous movie. Meanwhile, Bobby Dagen (Sean Patrick Flannery), the leader of a Jigsaw survivor support group, is abducted with his wife (Gina Holden) and friends and they are forced to play yet another sick game. 

I'm not sure that can be even called plot. There are holes everywhere and it makes absolutely no sense; it's basically just a pathetic excuse to make another movie and splat guts everywhere because that's pretty much all you get from this movie.

Unfortunately, that's not even remotely the worst thing about Saw 3D. No, I'm not talking abou the title but the characters. The new victims are super thin and super meaningless. I cared so much about them, I wished they could all die so to spare me some pain. 

The old characters are as bland as water. The new guy, Bobby, is one of the worst written characters of this franchise and he's the source of probably the biggest plot hole. How is it possible that he was able to write a book, get pubblished, go on TV and all that, without being an actual Jigsaw victim? How did people not know he was lying? But let's move on. Detective Hoffman is nothing but a thug with a very weak motive and Jill is pretty much your typical horror movie girl who dies at the end. Two of the old characters returned, Tobin Bell's John Kramer who only embarassed himself as Jigsaw is reduced to, guess what, nothing but a thug, and *SPOILER ALERT* Cary Elwes's Doctor Gordon who apparently has been working for/with Jigsaw since surving the trap in the first film. Needless to say, he was better off dead.

And now that we have hit the bottom let's keep digging because I'm not done yet. They went all in on the blood and gore (their levels are up to the roof). The purpose I guess what to shock the viewer, but in my case that didn't happen. I doubt you can achieve that with pink blood to be honest. Yep, a lot of pink blood is shed in this one. 

And at last but not least, the traps. There are probably more traps in this movie than there are in the other movies of the franchise put together, but they are terrible. They lack creativity and tension and they are as boring as the bland of the film.