Couple Therapy for Cheaters (2017)

I remember seeing the trailer for Couple Therapy for Cheaters (Italian: Terapia di coppia per amanti) last year and I was so not impressed. I decided to check it out anyway, about a year later, because I was in the mood for something utterly idiotic in my native language and I was not disappointed.

As you probably guessed from the not so brilliant title, the film follows a couple in crisis, Modesto (Pietro Sermonti) and Viviana (Ambra Angiolini), only they are not husband and wife but lovers. As if being "trapped" in a terrible marriage wasn't enough, even their extramarital relationship is in crisis and they decide to resolve their issues by seeing a couple therapist (Sergio Rubini).

And as you probably guess from the storyline, the whole plot is a pile of stupidity. It is incredibly thin, confused and contrived and it doesn't bring absolutely anything new to the table. So a relationship between cheaters is troubled, just like any other relationship between two human being. What an original and interesting concept. What's worst though is these two face the same exact problems a married couple would face. I think the only way this concept could work is if Woody Allen made such a movie. 

The characters are just as thin as the plot, with barely a characterization and not so much development. And they are utterly annoying, especially the therapist who is supposed to fix the couple but is just as fucked up as everyone else in this film. Also, what kind of therapist vents his problems on his patients? 

The acting is awful too. Other than Pietro Sermonti, I didn't know any of the actors --I knew the names, but I never saw anything with them-- so I didn't know what to expect. Well, turns out their acting style is over the top and annoying. 

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At last but not least, the poor attempts at comedy. Couple Therapy for Cheaters is filled with bland, trite jokes whose purpose is to lighten a little the tone of the film. Guess what? There's nothing to lighten here as this is one of the most shallow and empty films I've seen recently. 

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