High School Musical 2 (2007)

I don't know why, but High School Musical 2 has always been my favourite of the three. I would watch it over and over, especially when I was in bed, sick. I guess it's because it was more colourful --there's a lot of bright pink though-- and it wasn't set in the school. 

In this second entry, summer has arrived and Sharpay (Ashely Tisdale) still hasn't given up the idea of having Troy (Zac Efron) all for herself so she has him hired at her parents' country club. Unfortunately for Sharpay, all the Wildcats get a job at the country club, Gabriella (Vanessa Hudgens) included. As if having to compete with Gabriella for Troy wasn't enough, Sharpay also has to fight to win the talent show hosted at the club like her brother Ryan (Lucas Grabeel) and she do every year. 

Plot-wise, the film is just like its predecessor. Silly, predictable, with more holes than Swiss cheese, and many stupid and pointless subplots. Not to mention how unconvincing the ending was. In order words, it shouldn't work. And yet, just like its predecessor, it kind of does. It isn't the most interesting of stories, but it's a tiny bit entertaining. 

The characters are still very idiotic, with very little characterization and no development whatsoever --and this time around even the adult characters get this poor treatment. However, some of the minor characters from the first film gain some importance, especially Sharpay's brother, Ryan, who is, finally, no longer just Sharpay's brother but a person of his own. Which I guess it's one of the reasons I always liked High School Musical 2 better as, unlike most if not all teenage girl, I didn't have a crush on Zac Efron but on Lucas Grabeel. 

As for the acting, it's still pretty bad, especially from Vanessa Hudgens --seriously, she is unwatchable--, but at least the cast seems more comfortable with each other and their characters. 

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The songs are still lame and cheesy and don't move the plot a bit forward but, to be honest, I love them all. They are catchy and fun and make the film much more enjoyable. Also, the musical numbers feel more believable. The awful lip-syncing is still a no-no for me though. 


  1. Zac Efron frolicking through the golf course remains one of my favorite things I've ever seen on film. lol