Gone (2012)

I have a crush on Amanda Seyfried since the original Mamma Mia! came out eight years ago, but it was only years later than I became obsessed with watching all of her movies. At some point though, I got tired of watching crap so I stopped, and Gone got stuck in my endless watchlist only to pop out now as I decided to give priority to movies that have been on that list forever. 

The film follows Jill (Amanda Seyfried), a young woman who was kidnapped and abandoned in a hole in the middle of a forest a couple of years prior. When her sister (Emily Wickersham) disappears, Jill is convinced that her kidnapper has returned and took her. She goes to the police for help but they dismiss her as crazy so she sets out to find her sister and face once again her kidnapper.

The story is very promising as it gets off to a very good start. Unfortunately, the execution is terrible and the result is a very simple plot, way too simple for a thriller, that doesn't always make sense —actually, it doesn't make any sense most of the time— and whose twists and turns aren't nearly as effective as they should be —for the whole time, you are led to believe one of the characters is the kidnapper which is the only thing that kept my interest as I wanted to know whether I was right or wrong. So when the non-twist came, it was a letdown. Also, there are many subplots with potential that aren't explored at all.

The poor writing extends to the character too. While she has a backstory, although very sparse, the main character has no development whatsoever, makes the most irrational decisions possible, and often comes off an too paranoid and annoying. However, Amanda Seyfried does a good job as she conveys both a genuine sense of fear and determination and makes the character likeable and sympathetic. Her performance is very natural and believable and compelling enough to keep you watching.

The same cannot be said for the rest of the characters and cast. The characters are all wooden, with no characterization nor depth; most of them have very little if absolutely no impact on the story and are therefore forgettable. Of course, the actors can't do anything with such poor material.

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The direction is just as bad as the script as there's a complete lack of tension —although a little depressing which fits the story well, the atmosphere and tone of the film are very flat—, an underwhelming climax with no action whatsoever.

Seyfried's performance may be good and you may question whether she is just delusional or it's all real, but ultimately, Gone is a disappointment.


  1. I like Amanda too, and I vaguely remember this title but I don't think I saw it and remember nothing of what people said. That's too bad this movie isn't worthy of her.

  2. Bahh, I'm sorry this wasn't as good as you'd have liked. I'm working my way through my watchlist in similar fashion and getting through the ones that have been there forever!