My Top 3 Sandra Bullock Romantic Comedies

Whether she's starring in a comedy or a drama, Sandra Bullock always brings that something that lifts the film — reason why she's the first actress I've fallen in love with and she still is, after countless years, my favourite actress.

Since she's turning 55 today, and her romantic comedies are some of the most rewatchable and enjoyable — trust me, I hate rom-coms and yet I love hers —, I decided to narrow down my top 3 romantic comedies starring America's sweetheart.

#3 The Proposal (2009)
Bullock stars as Margaret Tate, a successful Canadian editor at a prestigious New York publishing house. In order to avoid deportation because of her expired visa, Margaret blackmails her assistant, Andrew (Ryan Reynolds), to marry her; in return, she'd promote him and publish his book. However, the immigration clerk (Denis O'Hare) is sceptical and schedules an interview on the next Monday which forces Margaret to travel to Alaska to spend the weekend with Andrew's family and learn about each other.

Yet another clichéd and predictable romantic story, the film is filled with humour for most of its running time, it's so funny to see Margaret and Andrew interact, there's a weird and quite funny dance scene in the woods featuring Sandy and Betty White, and the chemistry between Bullock and Reynolds is very nice. Not to mention how charismatic both are. Bonus, Oscar Nuñez gives a hilarious, over-the-top performance as an exotic dancer/Mr. I do it all. 

#2 Miss Congeniality (2000)
Bullock stars as Gracie Hart, an FBI agent who is forced to go undercover in the Miss United States beauty pageant when a terrorist group menace of bombing the event. The problem? She's never been in a beauty pageant. She doesn't even own a dress. She doesn't even own a brush.

Despite the silly plot and even sillier motive that drives the terrorist, this is a funny and entertaining film, Sandra Bullock is sweet and charming as usual, her character is so relatable, her being not girly at all — I've always identified with her, reason why I've always loved this — and, although Eric (Benjamin Bratt) falling in love with Gracie only after the makeover sends a wrong message, I cannot help but wait for that kiss and smile when it finally happens every time I watch the film. Bonus, Michael Caine is delightful as the beauty fixer. 

#1 While You Were Sleeping (1995)
Bullock stars as Lucy, a lonely young woman working as a token collector who has fallen in love with a commuter, Peter (Peter Gallagher). On Christmas day, the is mugged and falls onto the rails, Lucy saves him but he goes into a coma. At the hospital, Lucy's mistaken for Peter's fiancée, she goes along with it and ends up spending the holidays with the man's family. Peter's brother, Jack (Bill Bullman), is very suspicious though as Lucy is not his brother's type at all. 

You guessed it, it is another simple, predictable and not so plausible story, but it is such a feel-good movie I cannot help but love it and rewatch it every year around Christmas. Next-door girl Lucy is such a likeable and sympathetic character thanks to Bullock's sweet, charming and believable performance, and, just like Lucy, the initial crush for Peter Gallagher's handsome and fascinating Peter turns into love for his sensitive and caring brother, played wonderfully by a charismatic Bill Pullman who has great chemistry with Bullock. Bonus, Michael Rispoli is hilarious as the son of Lucy's landlord.

What about you? How do you feel about Sandra Bullock and her romantic comedies? And if you like them as I do, which would make your top 3 list?


  1. Yeah, you can't go wrong with these 3 films. They're so fun to watch.

  2. WYWS is one of my all time favorites. I love The Proposal too!

  3. Oooh! I love watching the Proposal! It's one of my favorite romantic comedies! Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds were fantastic in that movie!

  4. I like While You Were Sleeping, don't really care for The Proposal, and have never seen Miss Congeniality. Been meaning to though.

    1. You should really check it out, it's so fun!