Monthly Recap: October 2019

Mexicans are celebrating Día de Muertos, the beautiful, vibrant holiday to remember and celebrate their loved ones. I, on the other side of the Atlantic ocean, am struggling to write this monthly recap because, you guessed it, October was just another month. 

The job is slowly driving me crazy — no matter what, it's always my fault. On Wednesday, a dude had been drinking all afternoon while I still was in the comfort of my home; I started my shift at 7:30 PM and suddenly it's my fault because I gave the guy a drink. How was I supposed to know he was drunk? I can't smell alcohol from the other side of the counter. Same goes for people buying drinks for an alcoholic. They know I don't give me so they buy and bring them out to him. Again, how is that my fault? What am I? Omniscient?

But enough with my work-related rant. I don't want to bore you with this. Let's talk about the series I watched this October — yes, I said series. I once again sucked at watching films, and miserably failed Horror October. Anyways, I did an intense Breaking Bad rewatch — I dare you to reach my level of commitment — and I loved it even more this time around as I noticed the character development way more than I had the first time and was amazed by Aaron Paul's tremendous performance. I still think Skyler White is the most obnoxious, annoying character I've seen on (small) screen. But kudos to Anna Gunn for pulling off the character so well.

I binge-watched season 2 of The Kominsky Method on release day — I'm so proud of myself for managing to watch a series as soon as it dropped out as opposed to waiting weeks or months — and I loved it. It still has so much heart and humour, I love Norman/Alan Arkin's sarcasm and the friendship between Sandy and Norman.

On Wednesday I watched Living with Yourself, Netflix's series with not one but two Paul Rudd. It was disappointing to say the least. It started off quite well, it was funny and I was invested in the story but it got less and less interesting with each episode to the point that I was bored to death and only finished it because I can't not finish things. Also, how is it fair that Aisling Bea gets to cheat on Paul Rudd with Paul Rudd?

And now the few movies I watched this past month, a new low for me, only six. Most of which I already reviewed.

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Rosemary's Baby (1968)

Plot: A young couple, Catholic housewife Rosemary (Mia Farrow) and struggling actor Guy (John Cassavetes), moves in a fancy apartment in Manhattan. Soon Rosemary begins to experience odd, unpleasant things and it only gets worse when she gets mysteriously pregnant.

One of the few horrors I decided to watch and actually watched, Rosemary's Baby turned out to be a huge disappointment. While I found the ending perfect as it was incredibly tense and terrifying, and Mia Farrow's performance is nothing short of terrific, the film was just boring, the characters too unlikeable and uninteresting for me to care. Please don't kill me for not liking this. Or don't get me mysteriously pregnant.

Rating: 2

Brightburn (2019)

Plot: A couple struggling with fertility, Tori (Elizabeth Banks) and Kyle (David Denman), sees their dream come true when a spaceship crashes in the woods and they find a baby boy inside of it whom they name Brandon. Twelve years later, as Brandon (Jackson A. Dunn) reaches puberty and begins to chance, creepy things start happening.

I had no interest in seeing this film but then I read some positive reviews and decided to check it out. It was nothing but a waste of time. It had an interesting and quite fascinating concept but unfortunately it's not properly explored and developed. It's boring and predictable, nothing but a gore feast.

Rating: 2

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  1. Glad I'm not alone with Living with Yourself. I watched the first two episodes back to back and was like, this show is awesome! Then...meh...I don't know. It's just a bit dull.
    Really hope work gets better for you soon <3

    1. Spoiler... it does not! Episode 7 (I think) has a surprise at the end but then I watched the next episode and I was like, are you serious? Why did you have to ruin that twist like that?

      Thank you! I really hope it does or I'll lose my mind haha

  2. I hated Brightburn. Loved the concept but it was executed so poorly.

    I haven't watched Living With Yourself yet, so that sucks to hear it's not very good. I love Paul Rudd.

    I hope work gets better soon and you deal with less assholes.

    1. Thanks! One of the problems solved itself. It's cold now so that old alcoholic doesn't show up anymore.

  3. "don't get me mysteriously pregnant." :D I love Paul Rudd but I was unsure about the new series... it may be one of those I put on as background noise while I clean at home.

  4. I doubt I'll find the time for that Paul Rudd show but from what he said on Conan at least it's short :)

    1. It is. At least there's something positive about it :)