Thursday Movie Picks: School Competitions

Welcome to Thursday Movie Picks, a weekly series hosted by Wandering Through the Shelves where each Thursday you have to pick three films to match the week's topic.

This week's theme is school competitions. Easy, right? I've seen so many school competition movies I don't know which to pick. But wait, there is a restriction, it can't be a sport competition, and the job got a lot harder. This week had me thinking a lot, but I eventually managed to pick three film.

Whiplash (2014)

Andrew is a kid with a dream: he wants to becomes one of the greatest jazz drummers of his generations. In order to do that, not only he has to be better than his fellow students, but he has to impress his instructor. Hands down on the best film of 2014. This is such a powerful and inspirational film - at least it was to me - that teaches you to never give up. It has beautiful music, a good performance from Miles Teller and a tremendous J.K. Simmons. And I almost didn't pick it. 

Monsters University (2013)

Since he was a kid, Mike wanted to come a scary monster, but when his dream is about to come true, James P. Sullivan steps in, and it's war as they both want to join a fraternity. Not as good as the original still it is a good animation film, and it was great to see all the main characters of the original meet for the first time, and how their relationship was at first. 

Pitch Perfect (2012)

Beca wants to become a DJ but she ends up in an all-girls a cappella singing group that eventually take on their male rivals in a campus competition. In a few words, this is like a very weak Glee episode. With a lot of unfunny jokes, it constantly offends people - it is racist, anti-semitic, homophobic, disrespectful towards Asians. And just out of curiosity, do fat girls have all that fun? 


  1. Great picks! I also chose Pitch Perfect. I'm kicking myself over not picking Whiplash though. I love that movie.

  2. I still have to see Whiplash. I will see this film this year. I haven't seen the other 2 either but i think I will skip Pitch Perfect

  3. Excellent picks. I love Whiplash and MU. Not the biggest fan of Pitch Perfect, but it fits and is extremely popular.

  4. Monsters University! Why didn't I think of that one?! Great pick :)

  5. Loving these picks!! Especially Monsters University, I really loved this film despite the continuity errors.

  6. Love it! I sort of forgot about Monsters U. I was a bit letdown by it, being such a HUGE fan of Monsters, Inc. Still a great pick here. Almost went Pitch Perfect myself. And love Whiplash. Brilliant film!

  7. Pitch Perfect - I think the same could also be said of Glee. Some of things Sue and her cheerleaders say are nasty.