The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (2006)


Action | Crime


Justin Lin




Lucas Black, Sung Kang, Nathalie Kelley, Bow Wow, Brian Tee, Leonardo Nam, Brian Goodman, Zachery Ty Bryan, Nikki Griffin, Jason Tobin, Keiko Kitagawa, Lynda Boyd, Sonny Chiba, Vin Diesel


To avoid time in jail because of illegal street racing, American teenager Sean Boswell (Lucas Black) moves to his father's, in Tokyo, Japan. As soon as he arrives he discovers a new, dangerous way of street racing in the underworld of the streets of Tokyo.


This is the only film of the franchise I own on DVD. And it's also the only film of the franchise I've watched too many times, I just can't get enough of it. That being said, I'll do my best to be impartial.

"The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift" is a refreshing and enjoyable action flick that surpasses its predecessor.

The writing is still not the series strongest suit. The plot indeed is paper thin and quite predictable too - even though there's kind of a plot twist in the end I did not see coming the first time. To be noted I was 12-13 year old at the time -, but at least it is engaging.

And that's because of the series' change of direction. Instead of going good guys vs bad guys, it goes more like bad guys vs bad guys, and the story is focused on the rivalry between the main character, an American teenager, and the nephew of a Yakuza member. It does get cheesy because they are fighting for a girl, but what were you expecting?

The film features none of the original characters - Vin Diesel's Toretto makes an appearance at the end, but I could have done without him because he has no use other than tricking people into watching the film -, but the new ones are quite good, even though they lack proper development.

The action flick part of this is good. The cars are beautiful, and the action sequences are very well choreographed - drifting is so much cooler than regular street racing. And for the guys, it is plenty of gorgeous women - among which there's Nathalie Kelley, the most beautiful in the franchise in my humble opinion.

There's a tremendous problem with one casting though. I don't care how hard Lucas Black does or does not try, he just looks (and is) too damn old to play a 17-year-old kid. Oh, and no matter how many Vin Diesel they throw into the film, Sung Kang as Han would still steal the show.


  1. Wow. I'm in complete disagreement with you on this one. For me, this is easily the weakest of the bunch. Sung Kang was cool and the drifting was sweet but everything else was terrible, especially Lucas Black. Yeesh, was he bad.