Can't Buy Me Love (1987)


Comedy | Romance


Steve Rash




Patrick Dempsey, Amanda Peterson, Courtney Gains, Seth Green, Sharon Farrell, Tina Caspary, Darcy DeMoss, Cort McCown, Eric Bruskotter, Gerardo Mejia, Dennis Dugan, Cloyce Morrow, Devin DeVasquez, Ami Dolenz, William Hannah V, Paul Abdul, Troy Monroe


Geek Ronald Miller (Patrick Dempsey) pays the most popular girl (Amanda Peterson) in school one thousand dollars to be his girlfriend so to become popular.


I don't know how this film ended up on my watchlist. Probably it's because I love the 80's. I don't know. Anyway, I did give it a try and it wasn't half bad.

Sure "Can't Buy Me Love" is a cheesy and clichéd teen rom-com but overall it still is quite enjoyable - even if you are not a teenager anymore, so I'm not sure you can ask more from a film of this genre.

The story is easy to follow and utterly predictable but no matter how clichéd it is, it just keeps you interested. Yes, even though you know how the film will ends as soon as it begins. There are some slow, kind of death moments though that could have been avoided. Anyway, eventually you'll end up cheering for the underdog as he gets to know the cool kids and becomes one of them.

Luckily this film does go a little bit deeper and will have the former nerd to make some tough decisions that will influence not only himself but those around him as well. It also delivers a message of forgiveness.

As for the humour, it is alright and for all ages - no nudity, and not loaded with profanity like today's teen comedies -, and it's very easy to find something you can relate to. And this young and unattractive Patrick Dempsey does a good job in that as well as a very young Seth Green who steals every scene he is in as Dempsey's little brother. 

And finally you gotta love the soft rock 80's music playing throughout the film. Seriously, that has to be the best decade for music.

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