A Man Called Ove (2015)

Original Title

En man som heter Ove


Comedy | Drama


Hannes Holm




Rolf Lassgård, Viktor Baagoe, Filip Berg, Bahar Pars, Zozan Akgun, Tobias Almborg, Ida Engvoll, Borje Lundberg


Just when he has finally given up on life, 59-year-old grumpy Ove (Rolf Lassgard) develops an unlikely friendship with his new neighbour (Bahar Pars).


Just a few days away from the Oscar night I was able to catch up with "A Man Called Ove", the Swedish entry for Best Foreign Language Picture. I was expecting to like it as I usually enjoy Swedish films, but it wasn't quite the case. I did love it.

This heartwarming, feel-good, funny and moving dramedy is a fantastic journey from beginning to end, and it truly deserves its place at the Oscars.

Based on Fredrik Backman's novel of the same name, the film features what at first may seem like a very simple story about a grumpy, old-ish man but that eventually grows into something much bigger as the main character's backstory is gradually revealed in an excellent way that will explain the rude behaviour of the character and will probably change your opinion of him.

Unlike another entry *coughs*Moonligh*coughs*, "A Man Called Ove" touches many topics like (and especially) friendship, love and moral values and it's able to develop them properly. Also, it delivers plenty of messages. First, before judging someone's behaviour we should get to know them, or at least try. Second, life is so much better when shared with others.

While delivering interesting story, characters and messages, the film also delivers some funny moments well balanced with some tragic moments.

No less important is the cast. Rolf Lassgård's performance as Ove is excellent; he delivers the sadness and melancholy of the character through his eyes and body language and he is able to bring some humanity and warmth into such a grumpy character. Also, kudos to the makeup artist because Lassgård looks much older than he actually is. And he is provided with a great support from the others.


  1. This is one film that I really want to see. I think it will win the Oscar...we shall see Sunday night

  2. Great review! I really liked this one too. I hope it wins the Oscar.