CHiPs (2017)


Action, Comedy, Crime


Dax Shepard




Michael Peña, Dax Shepard, Vincent D'Onofrio, Isiah Whitlock Jr., Adam Brody, Rosa Salazar, Kristen Bell, Jessica McNamee, Vida Guerra, Jane Kaczmarek, Justin Chatwin, Ryan Hansen, Ben Falcone, Adam Rodriguez


A rookie officer (Dax Shepard) is teamed with a pro (Michael Peña) at the California Highway Patrol only to find that he's a Fed investigating a heist involving some crooked cops.


2017 seems to be is the year of remakes. Hollywood is remaking everything. An old movie into a terrible new movie, The Mummy; an old TV series into a terrible new movie, Baywatch,; and another old TV series into a terrible new movie, CHiPs, which not only sucks on every single level but it's easily the most stupid, offensive, unfunny and dull comedy of the year.

That travesty Shepard tried to pass as a plot is absolutely ridiculous, beyond pathetic and makes no sense whatsoever. It's got a terrible pacing, no tension and no unexpected plot twists. In other words, it's probably one of the less interesting and less engaging buddy-cop stories ever also because it features the less interesting pairing ever.

Because Shepard not only worked really hard to not write a plot, he worked even harder to write paper-thin, offensive and pathetic characters that make you care even less about the movie and make the watch even more painful.

As if the humour wasn't painful enough. Yep, there's another epic fail in CHiPs. This is where the film reaches its pick. It's vulgar at its best, offensive (if I'm saying this too often, please tell me) and so not funny. There are so many homophobic jokes it's impossible to keep count unless you have an abacus. That would make the job a lot easier.

And at last but not least, there's the action. It's dull and dreadful, just like the rest of the film. I think it will go down as the most tedious action sequences I've ever seen.


  1. I didn't hate it that much, but this review is so much better than the film. Great job!

  2. I thought the tv show CHIPS was dumb so I have no desire to see this movie and now even less with your review. You need a good movie to see now

    1. Yes, I really do. I don't know why but I've been picking a lot of terrible movies lately