Peter Pan (1953)


Adventure, Animation, Comedy


Clyde Geronimi, Wilfred Jackson, Hamilton Luske



Voice Cast

Bobby Driscoll, Margaret Kerry, Kathryn Beaumont, Paul Collins, Tommy Luske, Hans Conried, Heather Angel, Bill Thompson, Robert Ellis, Jeffrey Silver, Johnny McGovern, Stuffy Singer, Tony Butala, Tom Conway


Wendy (Margaret Kerry) and her two young brothers John (Paul Collins) and Michael (Tommy Luske) receive a visit from Peter Pan (Bobby Driscoll) who takes them to the magical world of Neverland. 


Peter Pan is another of those Disney movies I loved as a kid and I decided to rewatch to find how I'd feel about it today. The answer is, pretty much the same, because after all those years (both from my childhood and from the movie's release) this still is an animated gem.

As a kid, I was very fascinated and enchanted by the story. What kid wouldn't love to fly away and go to a magical land where you never grow up? As an adult, I'm still fascinated by that story. Unlike Barrie's play, this film's story is pretty simple and isn't too deep, but it's a delight to watch.

And the characters play a huge role in that. Although the development and characterization aren't excellent, the characters are nice, funny, likeable and it's easy to side with them. Some (the Indians) are nothing more than stereotypes, I know that, but they still are a nice addition to the film. Also, there's one of Disney's most famous characters (and one of my favourite as well), Tinker Bell. She is so sassy and fun, it's impossible not to love her.

The actors all do a good job with their characters, but it's the animation that truly brings them to life. It's aged and you can tell, especially from the characters' goofy facial expressions, but it's still is pretty impressive.

Also, it has some good humour and the songs are fun and entertaining.


  1. Da bambino facevo sempre il tifo per Capitan Uncino... E mi andava sempre male XD

  2. I have still to see this Disney Gem. There are so many I have not seen. I didn't know the tragic Bobby Driscoll was the voice of Peter Pan. I think he must have wished to remain a kid.