Christmas Eve (2015)

Patrick Stewart has the ability to fit pretty much any role he's given. That's why I like him and why I decided to give Christmas Eve a chance. How bad could it be, right? Well, apparently a lot. 

It's Christmas Eve, a man driving a van has an accident and ends up cutting the power of part of Manhattan. Because of that, six different groups of New Yorkers get stuck inside elevators. With nowhere to go, they are forced to interact with those trapped with them and their lives will be transformed.

It's basically seven disjointed short stories that have been put together to make a film. Still, they are disjointed which means they required a pathetic ending to tie those stories up. But guess what, they still don't make a lot of sense and the ending is quite cringy, to be honest. 

Not as cringy as the rest of the script though. There are so many plot holes, it looks like it hailed on the script. That could be the only explanation. Non to mention the dialogue. Oh boy, it was bad. And the characters, so thin you could see right through them and the things they say and do, no normal human being would ever say or do that. They were absolutely unbelievable. I mean, there's a dude whose wife has a heart tumour (I didn't know that was such a thing), she is in the hospital about to go in surgery, and where is he? In the mall. What kind of husband does that?!

Patrick Stewart was the reason I watched this and he had the character with the most potential, but the writers didn't focus enough on his storyline. To be honest, his solo was quite pathetic. Not that the other storylines were better. 

Christmas Eve is one of those feel-good movies, only it didn't make me feel good at all. Its story is supposed to make you connect with the people who surround you, whether you know them or not, especially if they are strangers, but I felt absolutely nothing other than boredom. I did chuckle once though and I think Stewart make that happen.

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