Holiday Inn (1942)

I don't like Christmas movies or Christmas for the matter but I'm that kind of person who wants to watch something that fits the season so each year I watch new ones (by new I mean those I haven't seen yet) as I believe sooner or later I'll find the one that makes me fall in love with the genre. Holiday Inn (Birgit suggested in a TMP if I'm not wrong) is one of those I picked this year and it was so great it made me like the holidays a bit more.

After his co-star Ted Hanover (Fred Astaire) steals him Lila Dixon (Virginia Dale), their third co-star and the woman he wanted to marry, Jim Hardy (Bing Crosby) retires and opens Holiday Inn, a vacation lodge that only opens on holidays. When Linda Mason (Marjorie Reynolds) turns up for an audition at Holiday Inn, Jim has basically won the lottery. They soon become engaged and everything is perfect. Until Ted shows up.

The plot is very simple, kinda weak and it's got a fairy tale ending but this doesn't mean it's not well put together. Also, there are some subplots, like that about Hollywood, that really works in the story.

The story, however, isn't that important in this film since the actors get half of the job done. First thing first, the chemistry between Fred Astaire and Bing Crosby is sparkling. And their performances are nothing short of fantastic. Astaire is very believable in the role of Ted, an elegant, ambitious and charming opportunists/professional singer whose main goal is basically stealing Jim's women. Crosby does an equally good job as Jim, a talented but lazy man who just wants an easy life, with a lot of comfort not little work to do. But what stands out here isn't their skills as actors, but those as performers. The singing skills of Cosby and the dancing skills of Astaire are a wonder. Marjorie Reynolds could have done a better job, still she was very likeable as Linda. The supporting cast is also good.

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The rest of the job is getting done by the writers. Actually, one in particular, Irving Berlin. Other than having the idea for this movie (which was quite brilliant, to be honest), he is the one responsible for the wonderful and memorable songs in this film. White Christmas won a very well deserved Oscar. It's one, if not the most famous Christmas song for a reason (and it's my favourite too).

If you have never seen it, I suggest you watch Holiday Inn. It's probably one of the most heartwarming and entertaining Christmas holiday movies I've seen.


  1. You probably will hate this but i feel sad that you hate Christmas so. I often think it is due to bad memories or getting too deep into the bad aspects of this holiday which is all the money grabbing that happens. My dear friend is like you and he left for Thailand 3 years in a row and would not see anything unless he went to the mall. I am so glad you like this film, warts and all (the wart being Lincoln's Birthday which one has to take as a part of history where they actually meant well). I love this song as well and the dancing is superb! When Astaire did the 4th of July dance, he lost 20lbs because he kept trying to perfect it.

    1. The main reason I don't like Christmas is that it's nothing more than a commercial festival nowadays. It's lost all its meaning. Also, it's that time of the year I have to endure relatives I can't stand. Anyway, these old movies make me see why people love Christmas and make me dislike it a little less.

    2. I steer clear of the commercial crap as best as I can and stick in movies and decorate how I like to even if I was just by myself. As for people I dislike...I get it and try to stomach them for just a few hours but I refuse to go to 3 or 4 homes all on the same day because they expect it. I called that off long time ago. If they don't understand then that's their problem but i am not there to serve them and have them ridicule me or put me down on a day when it is supposed to be happy. I also hate it when they turn on the tv Christmas eve or Christmas day so I just stopped going. Since my brother is not longer married to that mean shrew I only have to put up with one mean person. I plan on calling her out as soon as she opens her bitter mouth and I will tell her to stifle it or there is the door!