Saw VI (2009)

I didn't enjoy Saw V at all. Nothing worked for me. Too many flashbacks, too much chaotic, random characters, poor gore. Basically it was just an excuse to make another Saw movie. Luckily, Saw VI was different. 

Agent Strahm is now dead, his body completely destroyed, and Detective Hoffman (Costas Mandylor) frames him as Jigsaw's apprentice. Unfortunately for him, FBI agent Erickson (Mark Rolston) finds a tape with the voice of the killer so he has to deal with that. Meanwhile, the unethical CEO of an insurance company (Peter Outerbridge) and his team are abducted and the CEO is forced to play one of Jigsaw's twisted games.

It's a way more interesting story, it's full of revelations and it's got some intriguing turns and twists that will make you drop your jaw on the floor. I saw the final twist coming, only in part though, but it still was surprising. And it's well paced. It starts off quickly and it never slows down, thus lacking in dull moments. 

Saw VI also has a good amount of tension, suspense and action that leaves you no time to relax. It pretty much keeps you on the edge of your sit from start to finish. It also has better traps. They are pretty creative and interesting, to be honest, and the gore has improved a little. 

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It still has some of the problems its predecessor had, like too many characters we don't care about whose only purpose is to die, but the old one, Hoffmann, gets some development this time and he gets a bit more interesting. And the terrible acting. Saying it was wooden would be a compliment. It's not like it's ever been great in this franchise anyway. 

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