Pottersville (2017)

I think we can all agree that Michael Shannon is pretty awesome and I, like many others, would watch anything with him. Even if that means watching a movie with a weird-looking poster such as Pottersville

The poster though isn't the only weird thing about this film as the plots revolves around Maynard Greiger (Michael Shannon), a beloved local businessman who, after walking in on his wife (Christina Hendricks) cheating on him with the sheriff (Ron Perlman) -- they are wearing animal costumes and rubbing each other --, gets drunk, goes through town wearing a gorilla costume and is mistaken for Bigfoot. This sets off a huge media spectacle, brings a lot of tourists in town and a host of a monster-hunting show (Thomas Lennon) shows up to catch him.

The plot is extremely thin, it doesn't seem to be going anywhere until we get to the heart-warming, cheesy and predictable ending, and it's utterly stupid. 

Not to mention how unfunny it is. And that's a bad, very bad thing considering Pottersville is supposed to be a comedy. Other than a few chuckles here and there, there's nothing funny in the film. There's absolutely no humour and the situations that are supposed to be funny are not funny as they are overlong.

Echo Bridge
The characters are on the same level. They are your typical small town people, very stereotyped and, those who got some, with very exaggerated personalities. And they are forgettable, to say the least. There's one exception though, it's Brock Masterson, the over-the-top monster hunter who is a poor imitation of Bear Grills but still manages to make you chuckle a couple of times. 

Thank goodness there was the Michael Shannon, otherwise, this film would have been completely unbearable. He is completely wasted in such a role, especially since Maynard is a very taciturn man, but it's still delightful to watch him do whatever it is he does here. 

I have to admit though that Pottersville could have turned into something decent if executed properly. 


  1. I didn't even finish this, I watched about half of it. I wanted it to be one of those so bad it's funny type films and it was just dull. I'm also guilty of watching anything with Michael Shannon.

    1. I started watching this while having breakfast and I almost spit my food on my screen because of that weird Furry club thing.

  2. Hold on, Hendricks bangs Ron Perlman?!