Open Season 2 (2008)

You know how, with trilogies, the second movie is always better than the first one but then the third sucks? Well, this trilogy isn't following that trend as Open Season 2 is even worse than Open Season

Elliot (Joel McHale) is over the moon as his antlers have grown back and he is getting married to Giselle (Jane Krakowski), the doe he's in love with since always. But things don't go as planned. He breaks his new, huge antlers before the wedding and starts panicking even more when he realises he and Giselle will be together forever and ever. Meanwhile, Mr. Weenie (Cody Cameron) is kidnapped by his former owner and Elliot, with the help of Boog (Mike Epps) and the other animals, goes to the rescue to avoid getting married. 

This time around, the plot, other than lacking originality and being boring, just like its predecessor's, reaches a new level of stupidy and blandness. What's worst though, it is the theme of the plot. While the first was about loneliness and learning to rely on someone else, this one has an adult theme, the fear of commitment. Adults won't like it because it's been already done like a  million times in non-animated movies and it was handled way better than this, and kids quite frankly couldn't care less about it.

The characters got worse too. Most of them don't even act like they acted in the first film, not to mention that they absolutely not sound like they did in the first film because they didn't cast the same actors. While in Open Season Ashton Kutcher and Martin Lawrence made the characters of Elliot and Boog slightly funny, Joel McHale and Mike Epps fail completely here. Also, Mr. Weenie and his German accent are pretty annoying.

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Open Season 2 is terrible comedy-wise too. The jokes revolve around food --it kinda feels like this movie promotes eating disorders at some point--, sex, homosexually, and farts, they are not funny and occasionally they are even offensive. 

And guess how's the animation? Bad. Open Season didn't have the best animation, but it was nice. Open Season 2 has taken a huge step back in that field too. This film indeed feels years older than its predecessors. The animals don't look that good but the humans look horrendous. 


  1. So, this is just another waste of time. OK, thank you for making me avoid this film. You're doing a nice public service for all of us film buffs.

    1. Haha you're welcome! Next Sunday I'm posting the review of the third one. Spoiler, it's even worse than this.