Open Season 3 (2010)

It goes without saying that Open Season should have not been turned into a series which explains why Open Season 2 was released direct-to-video which does not explain why Open Season 3 was even made. It's not a surprise that this third movie is just as bad as the previous sequel. Actually, if possible, it's even worse. 

Elliot (voiced by Matthew W. Taylor) and Giselle (voiced by Melissa Sturm) have started a family and have three kids. So when Boog (voiced by Matthew J. Munn) awakens after hibernation, Elliot has no time to spend with his friend. Boog is angry because nobody has time for him and goes on a guys trip alone and somehow ends up in a Russian travelling circus where he switches places with another grizzly bear, Doug (also voiced by Matthew J. Munn), and falls deeply in love with Ursa (also voiced by Melissa Sturm), a female bear 'working' at the circus. Meanwhile, Doug pretends to be Boog and tries to roll the other animals. As soon as they find out, they embark on a rescue mission.

Though it looks like the writer, David I. Stern, knew what he was doing --I just wrote the storyline, haven't I?-- he had absolutely no idea what he was doing. And it's proven by the fact that the film has like a million of subplots, one more thin and unappealing than the other, and it's hard to tell what's the glue keeping it all together. 

And damn, the characters are bad. I'm not even going to complain about the fact that they once again changed the voices to the damn animals, because I sure wouldn't have done a sequel, one would have definitely been enough for me. But the voice work is lifeless to say the least. Not to mention the fact that the characters are a bunch of one-dimensional, loud and obnoxious animals. And there are so many of them, too many, actually, and it's very annoying. 

Columbia Pictures
Following the footsteps of Open Season 2, Open Season 3 is also terrible at doing comedy. The jokes have been used too many times before, they are pretty stupid and wouldn't even make laugh someone with pseudobulbar affect (it's an emotional disturbance which makes you either cry or laugh uncontrollably). 

And then, of course, there's the animation. Wow. Seriously. I am speechless. I doubt there are words to describe how bad the animation of this movie is. It makes you wonder how long the animators worked on this. My guess? They procrastinated the whole time, then it was the deadline and they did the whole thing five minutes before handing in the assignment. 


  1. Wow.... I guess this is unwatchable. I think the animators essentially phoned it in as they just did it for the paycheck. Who can blame them?