Hit the Road: India (2013)



Gor Baghdasaryan | Mushegh Baghdasaryan



Richard Gazarian, Keith King


Hit The Road: India is a travel adventure documentary about two friends participating in a 12-day rickshaw rally across India, from Mumbai to Chennai, recognized by Lonely Planet as one of the top-10 greatest adventures of 2012.


Hit the Road: India is an incredible and witty journey to discover India, that feels more like a mixture of an adventure film and a reality show - in a good way -, than a documentary, due to lack of interviews, and narration.

Although aim of the race - and of the documentary - is getting from point A to point B, the film focuses less on the race itself, but more on the incredible experience the two friends have during their trip. Despite the several misfortunes - Rickshaw problems, monsoons, police, bad roads, never ending traffic - they don't give up. Although the insane trip confirm the decision to take part in the event might have been foolish - and that they probably will think twice before doing something like this in the future -, it also confirm it surely was a great experience and worth doing it.

The scenery is outstanding and breathtaking, and the photography is great. The music is spot on.

I highly recommend this documentary to anyone looking not to watch, or to learn, but to experience something a little different.


  1. This is a hard to find film. Netflix and my library don't carry it. Too bad.

    1. Hi! You can buy the film on iTunes, Amazon, etc. Links here: www.hittheroadmovie.com