Rivalries (2015)





Patrick Doyle, Mark Manning


The film sees a man, an employee (Patrick Doyle), try to come to terms with this mega city while trying to deliver a document to his employer (Mark Manning), along the way he becomes increasingly at odds with himself in a reflection of sorts of Freudian ideas of the psyche.


I do like indies because they prove no big amounts of money are needed to make something good, and Rivalries is a good example of that.

At his feature length debut, director and writer Philip Stainsby manages to bring the audience into the state of consciousness of the protagonist, creating a continuous and increasing tension, partially enhanced by the spectacular and pulsating music, composed by Andrew Mobbs.

Beautifully shot, the chaotic city of Shanghai has an important role in the story. The employee/Doyle's inner monologue, which provides most of the film's dialogue, is very interesting.

As Neil Hopkins did in Detour, Patrick Doyle is able to carry the film through until the end alone, delivering a fantastic performance.


The employee: Apparently too much fast food can... oh, like I give a fuck. Gotta other things to worry about.

For more infos check out Rivalries website.

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