Reservoir Dogs (1992)





Harvey Keitel, Tim Roth, Steve Buscemi, Lawrence Tierney, Michael Madsen, Chris Penn, Quentin Tarantino, Kirk Baltz, Randy Brooks, Edward Bunker


Joe Cabot (Lawrence Tierney), a small-time crime boss, assembles six strangers with reputations as good thieves to steal a lot diamonds. When the police arrive at the scene before the burglars can even make their getaway, it becomes apparent that one of them is an undercover police officer.


Reservoir Dogs is a disturbing, sadistic, violent, yet brilliant film destined to become a cult, and a unique directorial debut from a unique and outstanding director. The film, more about the consequences of the heist rather than the heist itself, tests the trust between the criminals. 

28-year-old Quentin Tarantino already proves to be a master of cinema, brilliantly writing and masterfully directing this outstanding piece of art. The beauty of Tarantino's direction is that the perspective is of someone who knows - and loves - cinema, not having studied it, but having seen it.

Some people said that the violence was unnecessary and didn't add anything to the plot, but it has an important role on the character development. It is because of the violence that we can learn more about the characters' personalities - not all of them, though.

The soundtrack couldn't be anything but spectacular, including Blue Swede's "Hooked on a Feeling"  that won't get out of my head easily now. 

With a top-actors cast, there is no surprise the acting is superb. Harvey Keitel is wonderful as Mr. White. Steve Buscemi freaks out for much of the film, still gives a great performance as Mr. Pink. Tim Roth, passed out and dying on the floor for most of the time, does a great job as Mr. Orange, carrying the emotional weight of the film. Lawrence Tierney as Joe, Michael Madsen as Mr. Blonde, and Chris Penn as Nice Guy Eddie are great as well. The problem in the acting is Quentin Tarantino, his character, Mr. Brown, is not great, and he is not a great actor.


Mr. Pink: I don't wanna kill anybody. But if I gotta get out that door, and you're standing in my way, one way or the other, you're gettin' outta my way.

Mr. Pink: I can say I definitely didn't do it because I know what I did or didn't do. But I cannot definitely say that about anybody else, 'cause I don't definitely know.


  1. Il cinema รจ cambiato da quel giorno. Stupendo!

  2. This is another one of my all time faves. Thw dialogue here is just brilliant.