Step Up All In (2014)


Dance | Drama | Romance


Trish Sie




Ryan Guzman, Adam G. Sevani, Briana Evigan, Misha Gabriel, Alyson Stoner, Izabella Miko, Mari Koda, Martin Lombard, Facundo Lombard, Christopher Scott, Stephen Boss, Luis Rosado, Chadd Smith, Parris Goebel, Stephen Jones, David Shreibman, Celestina Aladekoba


After assembling a new crew, Sean (Ryan Guzman) joins a dance competition in Las Vegas and will battle for a victory that could define his dreams and career, as well as those of his new friends.


The Step Up franchise is not known for its brilliant plots or characters, but for the dancing, which until now has been overall good. Then they made the fifth installment, this film, which is easily the worst film of the series.

Just like the previous entry, "Step Up All In" suffers with a mediocre story. Once again (not so) young people wanting to make money doing what they love most, dancing. But the storyline is so thin, it's basically just an excuse to make another film that is some sort of a reunion with the most known characters of the franchise. And just like always, a clich├ęd romance is thrown into the mix as well as some dramas and childish behaviors.

But what's the point in complaining about that? That's how the whole franchise is made, you get a dance scene, a glimpse of a plot, another dance scene, and so on.

But at least the other films had nice choreographies. Unfortunately "Step Up All In" takes a huge step back and brings the worst dance sequences of the franchise. The choreographies indeed aren't spectacular. Rather they are dull because they are made of the same steps and movements.

The acting also helps to sink the film. I am not sure if it's more laughable than atrocious or the other way around, but it's definitely horrible. Not to mention the non-existing chemistry.

Adam Sevani's Moose is the only breath of fresh air, which isn't that fresh anymore since he has been overused so much in the franchise. His steps are still good though.


  1. I agree with your review. This movie didn't completely live up to my expectations. Step Up 3D is my personal favorite of all the Step Up movies.

    1. My favourite is Step Up 2. I don't know why but I could watch it over and over.