The Incredibles (2004)


Action | Animation


Brad Bird



Voice Cast

Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter, Sarah Vowell, Spencer Fox, Jason Lee, Samuel L. Jackson, Elizabeth Peña, Brad Bird, Eli Fucile, Bud Luckey, Wallace Shawn, John Ratzenberger, Dominique Louis, Michael Bird, Jean Sincere, Kimberly Adair Clark, Bret Parker, Lou Romano, Wayne Canney


Forced to adopt civilian identities, Bob Parr aka Mr. Incredible (Craig T. Nelson) and his wife Helen aka Elastigirl (Holly Hunter) live a boring life with their three super-children. Until something happens, and they get back into action.


I don't know why but I kept avoiding this film over the years. It's not like I thought it was bad, I just didn't seem to be attracted by it. Given the poor outcome of several superhero flick this year, I anyway decided to give it a try, and I'm glad I did because "The Incredibles" is a charming, fun and truly incredible animated superhero film.

There is nothing special about the plot, it is pretty much a simple, quite typical superhero story where the villain is just a poor misunderstood and mistreated boy grown into a man that is seeking for revenge. Also, the whole idea of outlawing superheroes isn't new either, but what really makes the difference is the way the story is told. With a quite melancholic atmosphere, the film makes you sense the nostalgia of the protagonist for his glorious days behind the mask almost to perfection and makes you empathize with him.

But don't worry though, this is not a sad film. It is actually funny. Not constantly laughing out loud funny, but still very funny. There are some fun characters - actually, most of them are. And the jokes are awesome if you are a comic book fan. And it kind of makes fun of superheroes as well, from the pointless capes to the villains' monologues.

Luckily for the comic book fan, the references don't end with the jokes. Each member of the family indeed reminds of a notorious superhero, from DC to Marvel. Mr. Fantastic is Superman and the son is the Flash, while Elastigirl is Mr. Fantastic and the daughter is the Invisible Woman. And all the other characters, but the villain, are likable as well. Especially Samuel L. Jackson's Frozone. Actually, he was the coolest thing on the film.

And at last the animation. It is Pixar's so of course it's great. It has been 12 years since the film was released, and it still impressive. Or should I say incredible?


  1. Senza alcun dubbio, "Gli Incredibili" rientra nella playlist dei film che hanno segnato la mia vita da spettatrice. Li ho adorati, li adoro e li adorerò per molto - il biglietto per il sequel è prenotato ;)
    Buona serata!

    1. Io l'ho recuperato soltanto ora ma non vedo l'ora che arrivi il sequel!

  2. L'ho recuperato tardi rispetto l'uscita originale. E' davvero un gran film, un modo diverso per descrivere una famiglia.

    1. Io l'ho snobbato fino a poco fa perché lo reputavo un film per bambini, e mi sono ritrovata una bellissima sorpresa.