Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014)


Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi


Michael Bay


USA, China


Mark Wahlberg, Stanley Tucci, Kelsey Grammer, Nicola Peltz, Jack Reynor, Titus Welliver, Sophia Myles, T.J. Miller, Peter Culler, Mark Ryan, John Goodman, Ken Watanabe, John DiMaggio, Frank Welker


Five years after the battle in Chicago, the Autobots are hunted down by retired CIA Harold Attinger (Kelsey Grammer), and Optimus Prince turns to a mechanic (Mark Wahlberg) for help.


I remember being pretty excited when Age of Extinction hit the teachers because of the dinosaurs. So you can imagine my disappointment after watching a two and forty-five minute (too) long film that barely had any robotic dinosaur in it. Three years ago, that was my only complaint. Today, well, that's what bothered me the lesser.

This poor excuse of a film has a very straightforward yet exhaustingly confusing plot that makes no sense whatsoever, it is filled with holes, it is tremendously boring and, to be honest, this is the second time I see this and I'm still not quite sure what's going on and who's the villain.

No, actually that's not true. I know who the villain is. Wrong, I know who the villains are. There's so much of them is hard to keep the score. What's even worst is that in almost 3 hours, the filmmakers weren't able to properly develop any of them. They tried to provide some backstory but they failed miserably.

And can we please talk about the good guys? I would have never thought I'd miss Shia LaBeauf and Sam Witwiki, but then Mark Wahlberg and his mechanic happened, a weak character that's impossible to root for, and that's pretty much the guy Wahlberg always plays with the exception this time he is the father of the hot girl. Which brings me to the next point, the hot girl. An utterly annoying character whose only purpose is to... I bet you can guess that. And the level of racism and sexism showed overall with the characters is beyond ridiculous.

Being offensive isn't the only thing Age of Extinction is good at; it also pretty good at failing as a dumb action flick. The fight scenes are messy and dull. And let's not even talk about the CGI, simply horrendous.


  1. Why would anyone think these films are any good? Why do they wish to keep resurrecting crap? I don't mind Wahlburg but what in blazes id Kelsey Grammar and Stanley Tucci doing here??

    1. I absolutely have no idea. I've been asking myself that question since I saw them in the movie 3 years ago.

  2. Ignoranza grondante... Ormai รจ un brand alla deriva