Lady and the Tramp (1955)

I'm not sure I've mentioned this before, but this February I'll be reviewing mostly romantic movies (there will be a few exceptions *coughs*Black Panther*coughs*) and I thought it'd be nice to rewatch one of Disney Classics, the one that is supposedly the most romantic of them all, Lady and the Trump. And quite frankly, what a disappointment. 

As everyone knows, the film tells the story of Lady (Barbara Luddy), a golden Cocker Spaniel who lives in the ritzy part of town. Her life is great until her owners, Jim Dear (Lee Millar) and Darling (Peggy Lee), have a baby. Aunt Sarah (Verna Felton) come to stay in the house along with her two scheming Siamese cats (Peggy Lee) making her life a nightmare. That's when mongrel dog Tramp (Larry Roberts) comes to her rescue. 

Being completely honest with you though, I didn't remember much about the plot. I pretty much remembered only the romance between Lady and Tramp. Which is a very interesting concept --though not original since the film is based on Ward Greene's Happy Dan, The Whistling Dog--, showing love through the eyes of two dogs. My problem with it is that it just felt flat. It wasn't neither moving or charming as I remembered it. It was kinda sweet but nothing more as it's the typical opposites-attract kind of love story. 

As for the plot, that's a different story. I actually liked it. Sure, it's simple and takes very predictable turns and still Lady's adventure, her learning how to be carefree and adventurous like Tramp, is quite interesting and engaging. 

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The characters also help to make this film a little bit more enjoyable. They are funny and sweet, and they have interesting personalities. Also, there's some sort of humanity in them that makes it easy to relate to them. And at last but not least, the actors do a really good job voicing all these vivid characters.

The animation is nothing compared to today's standard and it looks terribly aged, and still the drawings, from backgrounds to characters, are beautiful and the movements are very well handled. And the songs are nice.


  1. It's been so many years, I dont' remember much of the story

  2. It's funny as I have not seen this since I was a kid but you sum it up because I remember the animals and the romance but not the plot. I did want someone to squish the Siamese cats:)

    1. Haha me too and I grew up with Siamese cats. Mine were adorable though

  3. Been so long since I've seen this, but yeah your review sounds about like how I remember it.

  4. Da bambino lo vidi molte volte, ma non ti nego che non mi prendeva molto. Secondo il mio punto di vista dell'epoca, poteva esser raccontato in 30 minuti