Happy Anniversary! — 4 Years of A Film A Day

It was exactly four years ago that, after kinda thinking it through, I posted my first review with the goal of posting one every day for a whole year. It seemed like an impossible task to me, someone who gets bored with everything very quickly and easily, but, to my surprise, I reached that goal. And I was enjoying it so I kept doing it, even though at the time my audience was virtually non-existent —but how could I blame anyone? My reviews were terrible!

They have got so much better now —I'm so proud of myself—, I have met so many amazing bloggers, and I have many readers now, and apparently, they, I mean you, even like reading the stuff I write.

But I would be lying if I said it's been all peaches. In the past year, more than ever, I struggled to find the motivation to keep doing this and I often found myself on the verge of quitting. It's you and your comments and the thought that maybe you would miss my reviews that gave me the push to continue on this journey. So I wanted to tell you guys something, thank you so much for giving me the strength!

But enough with the cheesiness, it's time to talk about movies. Since this year I challenged myself to review a horror film for each day of October —I'm not the biggest fan of the genre as most horrors nowadays are a mixture of terrible writing, terrible acting and silly jump scares— here are some horror films I would have never seen if it wasn't for the blog. I'm, of course, mentioning only those I'm glad I watched.

A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night A very weird but unique and captivating Spaghetti western horror. If that doesn't make any sense to you, check it out.

A Nightmare on Elm Street Far from being the cheap 1980s horror I was expecting it to be, it was creepy and scary, it has a very interesting and original idea, and Freddy Krüger is arguably one of the most terrifying villains ever.

Child's Play A pretty lame and predictable film but it has such a creepy atmosphere, it kept me glued to the screen and on the edge of my seat from start to finish.

Videodrome A very bizarre and absurd film with a not so solid plot, not so great dialogue and no character development. But it shows our unhealthy relationship with media and it's scary as hell.

The Picture of Dorian Gray Easily the most charming adaptation of Oscar Wilde's novel, it is creepy, dark and mysterious.

Hush It doesn't have the strongest of scripts, but Mike Flanagan know exactly what to do with it and crafted one of the tensest and most gripping horrors I've seen.

A Quiet Place One of the few horrors I've seen that is about the family, not the monsters/aliens. The writing isn't the best, and it doesn't always make sense but the film is so tense and scary. I even cried at the end.

Dead of Night It's an anthology horror where some stories are more interesting and absorbing that others, but, overall, is a great, creepy film that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

The Conjuring A paranormal horror that scared the shit out of me, an atheist who does not beleive in paranormal.

Special Mention
The Room Not a horror in the traditional sense, but how would you define a film that has atrocious writing, atrocious direction, atrocious acting, and atrocious *type here anything else you can think of* and yet you, after several views, end up loving? 


  1. YEY, happy bloganniversary! It's amazing to me how many movies you manage to review, keep up the amazing work! :*

  2. Huge congratulations on 4 years! I struggle to post every 3 days consistently for a few months at a time so you have the hugest amount of respect and awe from me!

    1. Thank you! Huge respect to you too though, I bet it's not easy to find the time or the strength to blog when you have a baby. I'd probably collapse on the bed at nine pm lol

  3. Felice anniversario, Sonia! E sono felicissimo anch'io di averti "scoperta", il tuo blog ormai è un posto fisso per me: non sempre commento perchè molti film non li conosco o non mi interessano, ma leggo sempre volentieri le tue recensioni :) che non sono mai state "terribili"... semmai si sono evolute col passare del tempo e maturando esperienza, un po' come accade a tutti i blogger. Io ti ammiro moltissimo per la tua costanza di postare un film al giorno, sei davvero encomiabile!
    Quindi... di nuovo auguri, e altri cento di questi anniversari! :)

  4. Condivido i complimenti di Sauro qui sopra!
    Il tuo progetto, che oggi compie 4 anni, è un grande esempio di costanza e determinazione oltre che una splendida testimonianza di amore nei confronti del cinema. Gli alti e i bassi, un po' per gli impegni e un po' per le ispirazioni, sono una costante nel nostro navigare sugli angolini web ma alla fine il legame con il proprio blog riesce sempre ad aver la meglio.
    Ah, ovviamente augurissimi!!! ;)

  5. Happy blogaversery! I love your reviews and I'm so glad you're here. :)

    I lol'd when I got to The Room. Horrifically bad indeed.

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you love them :) and that I made you laugh with that special mention

  6. Oh Gosh, I hope you don't quit because I love your writing and reviews. I have to laugh at the pic you show of Nightmare on Elm St. Look at the TV...hahahaa-no kid would know how to turn that tv on:) I haven't seen that film and probably won't because it looks too scary for me. I need to see Dead of Night but that creepy doll looks like the same on that was on a Twilight Zone episode. Glad you love Dorian Gray

    1. I probably wouldn't know how to turn that tv on either haha