Wicked City (1987)

As soon as I decided I would do the 31 days of horror thing, I realised I didn't know any horror animated movie. Actually, I did, but I already had reviewed those so I started searching and, list after list, I always came across one movie, the anime Wicked City (Japanese: 妖獣都市 Yōjū Toshi). I figured it oughta be good so I picked it.

The film is set in a world where most humans unknownly co-exist with an alternate dimension populated by supernatural demons. There's between peace between the two worlds for centuries and agents from both sides cooperate to keep it that way. However, as the end of the 20th century approaches, a group of demons wants to destroy the human world and it's up to two agents, a human playboy, Taki (voiced by Yūsaku Yara), and a beautiful demon, Makie (voiced by Toshiko Fujita), to protect a 200-year-old man, Giuseppi Mayart (voiced by Ichirō Nagai), the only one who can keep peace between the worlds.

It sounds like an interesting storyline, but unfortunately, the writers didn't put a lot of effort into it so, not only the plot is incredibly simplistic and predictable, but there's barely one as there are more holes than in Swiss cheese. It's not like it would have made much of a difference or any sense for the film to have a plot considering the pointless and useless sex going on most of the time.

The characters are just as bad as they are bland, boring and completely uninteresting. Also, other than any no development whatsoever, they are nothing but clichés --the main character is the typical playboy who eventually falls in love --he is supposed to be the hero but he's not even that likeable--, and there's even the old creep/perverted. Honestly, I felt sorry for the female lead for being in this as she is constantly subjected to the old man's sexual comments and the camera ogling her breasts.

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Another major problem with Wicked City is that the city is barely in the film. The majority of the film takes place indoors so instead of seeing the city, we see interiors all the time. We get to see the city, specifically the skyline, a couple of times and it's beautiful but it's not enough for a movie with that title.

But I guess you can't/don't have the time to show the city when your main focus is to deliver sex scenes and female nudity to please those (sick) individuals who get turned on by watching anime porn.

And it's really a shame Wicked City is the disgusting, misogynist film it is because the visuals are pretty impressive --the colours are beautiful, especially the use of red and blue, and the monster designs, which include a woman shooting webs from her toothed vagina after the film's first pointless sex scene, are quite interesting.

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