Away You Go (2018)

I was on IMDb reading info about a movie —I don't remember which one but I'm pretty sure it was German— and Away You Go (German: Rüchenwind von vorn) was on the "more like this" section. It sounded interesting and decided to check it out —and just to give you an idea of what a great movie postponer I am, I added this on my list in September.

Anyways, the film follows Charlie (Victoria Schulz), a young Berliner who has all the things you are supposed to have to live a satisfactory life: a fulfilling job as a teacher, a boyfriend, Marco (Aleksandar Radenković), with whom she is living and planning to have a baby with, and a loving and supporting grandmother, Lisbeth (Angelika Waller). However, she is not entirely comfortable with the direction her life has taken, and she begins to ask herself what she really wants.

As you've probably guessed, Away You Go doesn't have much of a plot as it is a coming-of-age; it is not your typical comic-of-age story though, as it deals with the following topic, it's easy to grow up but it's hard to be a grown-up. The film certainly doesn't bring anything new to the table but director and writer Philipp Eichholtz put so much heart in it, the story is enjoyable and quite charming.

The characters are nicely written which makes it very easy to care about them, cheer for their successes and get sad for their defeats. Charlie is a character easy to empathize with as she's struggling through life who is yet to find out who she is, what she wants, what she needs and where she belongs. Victoria Schulz gives a convincing performance and she easily manages to carry the film on her shoulders —she has many solo scenes, and, to be honest, I enjoyed them more than those she shared the screen with someone else. The supporting cast also does a nice job.

Darling Berlin
Ultimately, Away You Go is a nice, essential little film that provides an authentic, genuine insight on humans and human relationships and that finds its trump in simplicity. It doesn't have anything new to offer, but it's still a delight.


  1. This sounds really nice and apparently U.S Netflix doesn't have it on either DVD or Streaming. Ugh.

  2. I postpone things for over a year so you are doing well. I haven't heard of this film but it sounds engaging but I doubt I will see it since I don't have Netflix etc...

    1. I've been meaning to watch Gangs of New York for five years. I finally watched it last week. I think I win 😅