Puncture (2011)




Chris Evans, Mark Kassen, Brett Cullen, Marshall Bell, Michael Biehn, Vinessa Shaw, Kate Burton, Jesse L. Martin, Roxanna Hope, Tess Parker, Jennifer Blanc

The films tells the true story of Mike Weiss. Mike Weiss (Chris Evans) is a young lawyer and a drug addict. Paul Danziger (co-director Mark Kassen) is his longtime friend and strait-laced law partner. 
They decide to take a case involving Vicky (Vinessa Shaw), a local ER nurse, who is pricked by a contaminated needle. As Weiss and Danziger dig deeper into the case, a health care and pharmaceutical conspiracy teeters on exposure and heavyweight attorneys move in on the defense. 
Out of their league but invested in their own gain, the mounting pressure of the case pushes the two lawyers and their business to the breaking point.

This is a well-made film, and I really liked it, especially since the story was written by Paul Danziger, Mike's real life partner. The screenplay, though has been written several times, is good, but the ending is a bit abrupt: I wouldn't mind if it was longer. 
Chris Evans takes the role very seriously and does a great job. If you are a fan of him, you can't miss this film.

Sometimes the brightest light comes from the darkest places.

At least I have to courage to lose for what's right.


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