An American in Rome (1954)

Original Title

Un americano a Roma








Alberto Sordi, Maria Pia Casilio, Giulio Calì, Anita Durante, Ilse Petersen, Vincenzo Talarico, Carlo Mazzarella, Rocco D'Assunta, Ursula Andress, Carlo Delle Piane, Galeazzo Benti, PIna Gallini, Leopolpo Trieste


It follows the adventures of Nando Moriconi (Alberto Sordi), a young Italian living in the early '50s Rome who badly wants to be American.


A lot of years ago a family friend suggested me to watch "An American in Rome" but I was young and stupid and I turned down the suggestion because the film was in black and white. That's how stupid I was. And I was also wrong because that way I missed a silly yet hilarious comedy.

There isn't much of a plot, it's basically a series of vignettes tied together by the main character, Nando. They, the vignettes, are also quite confused and don't make a lot of sense at times, but the film doesn't really need a strong, solid plot because it's the memorable character that makes the film memorable.

You won't simply watch a comedy, you'll fall in love with Nando, an American-wannabe Italian who calls himself Santi Byron, masterfully portrayed by Alberto Sordi who will have you laughing throughout the entire film with his fantastic sense of humour. 

Don't worry, though, you won't need to speak Italian to enjoy this because the situations Nando finds himself into are fun as well. Like when he's mistaken for a German soldier by the Americans because of his terrible English, or when, once again because of his terrible English, almost has two American tourists killed. And then there is the famous scene in which Sordi converses with a plate of spaghetti and destroys them.

It's not a masterpiece, but it's definitely worth the time. 

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  1. I have not heard of this and would love to see it! Sounds like a funny movie which i always love to see