Pure (2010)

Original Title

Till det som är vackert




Lisa Langseth




Alicia Vikander, Samuel Fröler, Martin Wallström, Josephine Bauer, Hélen Söderqvist Henrikkson, Kim Lantz, Frederik Nillson, Elisabeth Göransson, Ylva Gallon, Anna Åström, Magnus Lindberg


Katarina (Alicia Vikander) is a 20-year-old with a troubled past whose life seems to be already set in stone. Things are about to change when she discovers music.


Alicia Vikander being one of the most talented actresses of the moment is a fact. And the reason I decided to watch "Pure", her first feature film. The problem with this film is that is Swedish. I've always had good if not great experiences with Swedish cinema, and that definitely increased my expectations. Expectations that eventually didn't meet reality as the film didn't turn out so well.

Although the story takes some surprising turns and has a surprising ending, it just isn't engaging and it's pretty much just a naive story already told too many times that uses issues such as alcoholism, prostitution and depression to say how awful men are. And I'm not even sure what Lisa Langseth is trying to say.

However, truly upsetting is the treatment classical music and music in general got. It's like the filmmakers had no respect whatsoever for it and didn't even care researching the subject.

Because of that, I'm surprised by how interesting and well developed the main character is, and seeing Katarina changing is nothing short of beautiful. And that's mainly because of the leading lady, Alicia Vikander. She really gets into the character and gives a flawless performance.

Also worth of a mention is the performance by Samuel Fröler as the older orchestra conductor who charms Vikander's character with his knowledge about art. And the cinematography is rather nice.

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